Signs and Symbols--Your Name

 It might surprise you to learn you have two names.   We carry a birth name given to us by our parents, and a soul name given to us in spirit. This channeled material comes from the Ascended Master Hilarion.  Saint Germain was present during the channeling session.

Master Hilarion – Your birth name is not an accident. Spirit guides and angels worked with your parents to choose a name to reflect the energy you planned to bring into this lifetime. Use the birth name in some way even if a second name such as a nickname has been chosen.  The sounds made by the letters are part of the balancing of the soul, and each is unique. This sound resonates with the body and with past experience from other lifetimes. It is not an accident. Consider it your energetic signature. Changing the name is unwise, and those who have done this often regret the decision. The birth name should be held as sacred. Middle names received at birth are secondary but still important. Last name changes are expected. The first name is a connection with the spiritual world and if one has changed the name it should be reclaimed in some way, or utilized and combined with one’s personal choice in order to fully use the energy. The personal choice however does not carry the same weight or importance.”

There has been only one name change in my family, My mother was named Catherine but she chose instead to use Kay as the way her friends knew her. She did, however, use her birth name for business, The sound of these two names is very different, therefore, she wanted the world to see her differently in choosing Kay,  Read on......

The master makes it very clear to me that the letters are not important. Only the sound of the letters count. He says, “Each letter has subtle energies and presents itself differently to each soul.”  He told me, that my name Jane, if it was pronounced in a different country and had a different sound would also have a different meaning.

Master Hilarion – Your name and time of birth, which is the celestial blueprint, all come together as a package – assigning this soul an energy mandate and thus, energy that must be used for the highest good.

My question to him was this-- If our birth name resonates with the energy of all our lifetimes, in some sense it is a consolidated document called a name, How can it hold so much information particularly if we live hundreds of lives?  I think you’ll find his answer very interesting.

Master Hilarion- “You must realize your name is like the computer chips that you use in your world today. As you know, this small piece of physical matter contains a massive amount of information. The same is true with your name. One might consider it a computer chip of the soul. Thus, you can see how powerful a name can be.  It is important not to overlook it or take it for granted. It contains your agenda in this physical body and the life ahead.

I love the metaphor of the computer chip and I have come to realize that even the Ascended Masters are keeping their eyes on our technology.

He went on to say, “Names also reflect the societal norms and values in the culture.”  I can relate to this because my name was popular in the 1950s and 1960s and now fairly uncommon.

He reminded me that the soul name is still more important than the birth name. Those who are very young souls will not benefit from hearing this name. 

Just a comment on the soul name – I often hear them but I have to listen very carefully because they do not sound like anything worth familiar with here in a physical experience. Just to give you an example of a soul name – my name is Ramalerin and my husband‘s soul name is Yonaseth.

Going back to the sound of our physical names----

I’m going to give you a little taste of the various letters. If your name contains the sound of the letter a it may be soft or hard.  The sound of the soft a brings forward the energy of softness and kindness. The words associated with this are calm, quiet, relaxed, receptive, caring, gentle, and helpful. The name Allen is a soft name.   In my name, Jane, you can hear the sound and so it is a hard sound.  The Master Says this represents somebody who steps forward. It can also be associated with im- patience.   

He went on to say that all of the characteristics associated with a vowel’s sound are opportunities to overcome past Karma or unpaid debts. He says,” ones name is crafted to teach lessons. You may define this as part of the blueprint of the soul. The combination of all your activities of the past are placed in a consolidated document. This outlines all good and all difficult situations in the soul’s historical journey through physical bodies. It is with this in mind that all other parts of the soul’s life ahead are outlined and determined by working with the elders.

If a vowel leads a name like an Allen or Alice it. It has more power.

I asked him about the names with soft e’s such as Evelyn and Seth for instance.

Master Hilarion. The soft E’s carry the energy of beauty, patience, kindness and love. It is a sound that calls on a soul to help others. Those marked with this sound want an environment of peace. The soft E is very spiritual. The letter E, like in the name Edward, is soft and the vowel at the beginning lends soft strength in a kind and gentle person. On the other hand, the name Aleena which has the hard E sound belongs to someone who is more dominant. The double E which is hard plus the leading A would be likely to result in a person with directness and no fear of any type of communication.

I asked him about the name Ethan with the hard E sound. And he said, “This person needs to be heard. He will say pay attention to me. Often these souls have lived lives in which their voice in a community was minimized and there is a desire for recognition. They may seek out places and groups where they will be noticed.”

He reminded me again that the symbol is in the sound and not in the actual letter.

Consonants and associated words also play an important part in the meaning of the name.

I asked about associated words. I found this very surprising. He told me that every name brings with it us associated words based on the first letter of the name.  So associated words are always based on the letter or consonant in which begins the name. For instance, my name is Jane and associated words begin with the letter J. Some of these are justice, jealousy, journey and judgment. I asked the Master Hilarion if these were associated words connected to my name. He responded; consider these words and their relationship to your life. What do they mean to you?

I responded that I often use the word journey to describe my life. Judgment is something I have worked hard to get rid of, as I believe I was raised in a family where there was judgment and it was not acceptable to me. And we continued to discuss this but I found it fascinating. Think about the first letter of your name and associated words?

This is just a small sample of a huge amount of information.  Do you find this interesting and helpful?

It is my plan to publish a small paper on the meaning of our names with more details.  I will offer this as a free download sometime this year.    Love, Jane