Spiritual Awakening

Waking up to a true understanding of yourself as a spiritual being doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it requires a lifetime of spiritual seeking. In looking for answers to life’s questions your inquiry may ask-- who am I? Why am I here? Am I alone or am I supported by something outside of myself?   These questions, if you are persistent in asking them, will yield answers which shed light on who you really are and why you are here.  Waking up can be precipitated by a crisis, or a challenging event in your life in which your spiritual team get your attention quickly. In this process of awakening you will gain a new understanding of yourself and move beyond your personal story.

 I often compare a spiritual awakening to hiking through the forest, trying to find my way through the branches, clearing a path in order to see ahead, cutting down trees and breaking branches until finally I can see open spaces. It wasn’t always easy, and sometimes I encountered an obstruction on the path caused by other people in my life. These obstructions were all opportunities to grow and help me to clear the path. See every obstacle from this perspective. It is just another opportunity to forgive another person and to grow spiritually.  Many of you can relate to this analogy.

So here is my advice based upon a look backwards throughout my own life and many of the clients I have done readings for.

· Don’t let anything define you; not even your own family history. There’s something much bigger than that. This requires dropping labels which define you as a person. You are much more than this. On a divine level you are pure consciousness, energy, or awareness.  So you don’t have to wear a mask. You can be who you are. This means you are free. Look for the daylight at the edge of the forest. This means look for God in everyone.

See yourself as connected to all other souls-- even the very young ones who are caught up in this temporary physical experience. They will catch up to you!

Always tell the truth. Sometimes we get in trouble, as kids, telling the truth. We instinctively hide the truth as we get older.

Find out what pushes your buttons. These are things which have the power to make you anxious or uncomfortable. Anything you avoid will keep coming back until you face it.

Free yourself from your conditioning?   These are the things you might have been taught as a kid and don’t serve you anymore.  For example, you can’t do that because you are a woman, a small man, not as smart as your brother, doesn’t have a college education, God doesn’t exist and so forth.

Can you move to the middle?  This is so difficult!  I was raised as a conservative and so I have to work very hard to move to the middle and try to see both sides of the political spectrum.  It is the same struggle with spirituality. There are a wide range of different opinions.

If you’ve experienced any kind of trauma or drama in this life, remember it’s only a lesson. Every life serves as a classroom. Your personal trauma can’t hurt you anymore. You are not defined by it. Place it in the category of impersonal now. See it as an opportunity to grow your spiritual self.  Any time we turn hardship into a blessing the energy of that particular situation changes and never returns to oppress us again. Be sure to listen to my video on You Tube in which I tell my own awakening story from the perspective of a crisis within a relationship.

Most people are asleep. Don’t join them in the dream that is life. Stay focused on what is real.   Let others awake at their own pace. Each of us is a student in this life’s classroom and eventually everyone will graduate!

·       Seek out those like yourself.

·       Try to avoid the distractions of the physical world. These things are all passing you by anyway.

·       Drop perfection. You do not have to be a perfect--only awake and aware. God will not place a burden on you that you cannot handle.

·       Don’t get attached to material things.

·       When all your stuff comes up – the things that are bothering you about your life, or your emotions, just let them go.

 Your body has a purpose. It wants you to know your physical life is only temporary. Accumulating large stores of wealth are not going to serve you. Making enemies is not going to serve you.   As you wake up you make the unconscious memories conscious. Everything comes to the surface and you begin to understand life is a test. It isn’t easy, but God gives us many opportunities and many lifetimes to learn the material.

Remember that nothing outside of ourselves should shake us out of an awakened state. If it does, we are falling backwards into our physical identity.  Experience spiritual metamorphosis.

Sending you all love on your own personal spiritual journeys! Jane