Success As A Spiritual Practitioner - The Keys

Success as a Spiritual Practitioner- The Keys

I chose this topic after learning of a well-known spiritual practitioner who had a strong relationship with the Angels and decided to walk away from her spiritual work.  I was sorry to hear this.  It is very possible she was not ready to take on the challenge of spiritual work in her younger years because she lacked a strong foundation of faith. Later, this caught up with her.

I teach spiritual development classes.  Upon learning about this practitioner’s plight I immediately thought about my own students who are starting, contemplating, or strengthening their current spiritual practices. I am asking the question,--“how do you know if you should go out into the world as a spiritual practitioner?”----meaning you’re in the world to help other souls with the support of a spiritual master, guide, or group of angels.  Moreover, “are you ready to take on this responsibility?”

  • Source (God) is never absent from any form of spiritual work. Even a card reader should be invoking a trusted guide so the information coming through is of the highest level possible. God is the Source of everything.  It is always God first. If a spiritual practitioner has a deep relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ all else flows from the highest and most holy place, and is for the greatest benefit of the person who is receiving it.   Be suspicious when a person doing spiritual work does not have this core value.

  • Spirit works through you.

  • Know who you’re working with. Never work alone. Have a trusted spiritual mentor who you know and trust. The disciples referred to Jesus as “teacher.”

  • Just like any relationship, maintain your spiritual connections just as you would your physical world friendships.

  • Your spiritual teachers will choose you, not the other way around.  Spiritual teachers will not approach you until you’re ready. The individual I mentioned above may have thought she was called, but she apparently wasn’t ready.

  • Organized religion may want to separate you from a connection with spirit. Don’t let them.    You can belong to any church you desire and still be a spiritual practitioner. Jesus accepts everyone!   God is found in many places!

  • The spiritual realm is immense----it is filled with Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Saints, and many other holy ones.

  • When a spiritual practitioner is working from a God centered place there is protection from those who might try to deceive.  This is why I talk to my students about having a gatekeeper. Saint Germain opens and closes my gate.  I trust him and I never have any sense that there is a deceptive or evil quality to anything he brings through.

  • Some organized churches would disagree with me, but I believe it is acceptable for every person to have a direct relationship with God. 

  • God is not to be feared.  Unfortunately, many churches teach their congregations to fear God. I asked Saint Germain to comment on the person I alluded to in the beginning and her departure from her spiritual work.  He said, “There is great fear. There are souls who have convinced this one of the separation between God, angels, guides and Masters. It is all one. This is her journey.”  He continued to say this, “This is of concern to us. You must bring light to the dark, as she has fallen backwards.”

  • Maturity is important.  This is why I believe many are not called to spiritual work until they are older.   This means an older soul who is also mature in their physical years. The relationship with a Master Teacher has to be so strong you trust them with your life. They will never let anything through that would harm you or your client.  I have often said, “I wish Saint Germain had come into my life when I was in my 20’s, however now I realize I wasn’t mature enough at that time. People will depend on you.  You have to live your life in such a way that you are an example to others.

  • The world is filled with young and old souls. Don’t let the young ones tell you what is acceptable in your own spiritual practice. There are some young Christians that have a limited view of what exists outside of us. This is why maturity and a spiritual mentor is essential in this work.

  • Never be afraid of talking about Jesus.

  • Sometimes the opposite happens – those who are engaged in some form of spiritual practice are isolated from God.  They may be threatened by someone who suggests God should be brought into their work and life.

  • Seek out spiritual food for yourself. How can you give to others unless you are taking care of yourself? For me, it is reading and studying great spiritual books I have read the books of some of the great Master Teachers who have walked on the face of the earth like Paramahansa Yogananda, Buddha and Jesus.  I also read the books of living Masters like Mooji or Eckhart Tolle.

  • I was once asked a question – “can an angel or master teacher be cloaked as a demon?”  Saint Germain says, “Yes indeed. Any angel or master can be feigned----you see copied.   One may pose as a holy one. Those who are cloaked in love and light with the knowledge of God never fall prey to this. One must walk with God, and your spiritual guides, and wear the armor of God’s protection. The world is filled with deception as well as light.”

  • I also asked St. Germain If the Course in Miracles is truly a channeled text coming directly from Jesus?  Saint Germain says, “Yes indeed, it is the Master Jesus and none other. God bless you.”

  • Balance your life and this means have a life. Enjoy your interests and do some traveling. Take time away from your spiritual work.  You can only be your best when you take care of yourself.

  • Know yourself.

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. These are folks you can converse with about spiritual matters.   You can’t choose your parents and siblings, but you can choose your friends.  Do not allow people close to you move you away from your spiritual journey.

  • Do not take on the emotions of your clients. Stay neutral. Allow the information to come through you as smoothly as you can without becoming entangled in it. This could be an entire blog post all of its own!

  • Spiritual work helps many people. So do churches. One does not eliminate the other.   We can be Christians and work in the world as spiritual teachers.

The Important message here is to seek God in everyone and everything. At the most basic level we are nothing more than pure consciousness minus the physical body. This pure consciousness is part of God so we are made of God.  That is as simple as I can put it. I hope this has been helpful to all of you , particularly those of you actively doing spiritual work. Love, Jane