Thanksgiving 2015

As we approach this Thanksgiving. I asked St. Germain to speak to me about the family.

I said to Saint Germain,  this is an important holiday in the United States. I feel it is important to remind people of the gift of family. I am concerned about the turmoil in our world as we gather together. I cited a number reasons for feeling this way including the situation in the Middle East and tensions in our own country and he replied---

Saint Germain -I am happy to comment on your questions and explain to you how this is seen from the upper dimensions. Yes, the world is proceeding along a path of great turmoil and this is acknowledged and felt by us here.  It is of great concern, yet there is a cycle that moves in circles. I have spoken about this previously, and so this circular motion, which is constantly reinvented in a new way is never ending, however, the light always prevails, and so, as difficult as it appears, there is a greater purpose for everything. This purpose is not always revealed until many decades in the future. A sense of doom comes from being within a physical body. Seen from our perspective it looks very different. There are lessons to be learned in all circumstances and events as an individual and a participant within one'sown family group. Families must support each other with  peace and love and gather as a unit away from the turmoil of the world. Each individual within this family came together for a purpose--to be a member of this soul group, and to serve those within it.

He went on to comment that in my family we had served each other well and each represented a different level of soul development. Each person is at a different level in order that the higher lessons be learned. This is the plan for each family. I thought this was interesting.

St. Germain - there is a purpose for this integration of soul levels within the family unit to be sure that the utmost amount of knowledge is shared, and to create a sense of introspection regarding the information. This is done on purpose.

I asked a question about a hypothetical family using the example of  a group in which all members might be members of a fundamental church such as one that doesn’t believe in the afterlife.  How can this family understand the truth if they all believe the same thing?

St. Germain- there is always one who does not share the beliefs of the group. There is always one who will bring some degree of conflict to the rest of the family. Sometimes this is the one that is considered the outsider – the one that breaks the rules you might say. It is a law that the combination of souls within a family group is sorted out in a very careful fashion and this of course is done by guides and the Council of Elders as they work diligently to pull together a family unit

Jane – how do families come together this Thanksgiving especially when they are concerned about the world?

St. Germain – they come together in peace, love, and the compassion for every other soul in the outside world. They pray for their country and recognize that their leaders must promote personal freedom. This is a lesson, for if one loses their freedom they lose part of their ability to grow as a soul. In regards to the world, it is necessary to seek the truth. Be aligned with what feels true and detached from that which makes one suspicious. You can trust your instincts and encourage others to trust theirs.

I asked St. Germain if he would give me a prayer for Thanksgiving

Holy Father we send light and everlasting understanding to the families gathering together in groups this holiday. We pray that they are conscious of the law of love. Love others as you would like to be loved yourself. Forgive others as you would asked to be forgiven. Do this in remembrance of the divine love given to each soul in this moment. This family was born in spirit.

In closing he went on to say that we live in the United States of America the land of freedom and prosperity and we must be thankful for all of souls that come together with us this day- both our family members and friends. That we need to be thankful that each person at the table brings a different point of view and a different level of energy. St. Germain compares this to a stew-- every member comes together to create a delicious meal and to respect each other for the part of the dish that they have contributed. Each part is to be loved and respected and to be held gently in the arms of the entire unit in remembrance that we ourselves chose to live the physical life connected to these souls.

I will conclude with his words- "you come together to celebrate all events in your lives both good and bad. Be very gentle with those who fallen aside from this family group and bless them to find within themselves forgiveness and love to share with the other members. Their absence will be felt, and know that your prayers will affect the energy of the soul.  There are no accidents and there is a divine plan designed specifically for your growth. You are a spirit in the human body not the human body. You are here for others and this is part of your journey-- of which the biggest part I must say-- is about relationship. It is about love, compassion and forgiveness in and outside of your family.


My personal  Thanksgiving wishes to all my friends, family and readers.    I thank you for being here, and I send you love and virtual hugs wherever you may be!     Jane