The Message of the Ardgroom Stone Circle


I just returned from a wonderful two-week trip to Ireland. I am an Irish citizen and love my visits to what I consider my second home.  My purpose for this visit was to paint.  I stayed at a wonderful artist and writers retreat in Eyeries called Anam Cara in the southwest corner of Ireland on the Beara Peninsula in the County of Cork.   You can see more about this place by going to the web-site-

In this post I’m going to share my visit to the Ardgroom Stone Circle.  I did a rough sketch of the circle and channeled a deeply moving message while I was there. 

 I will share the message with you. Before I do, here is some background information about stone circles.

Stone circles were constructed as ritual and ceremonial sites during the Bronze Age and are about 3000 years old. The circle consists of an uneven number of stones from about 5 to 17.  This particular stone circle in the south west of Ireland has many features in common with the stone circles of Northeast Scotland.

Ardgroom standing stone

The Ardgroom Stone Circle is in the middle of a working sheep farm. The farmers welcome visitors. When one approaches the circle it almost looks as if there is a circle of stone figures standing on the earth.   When  I painted the stones, some of my images looked female and others male. In this circle one stone is missing and one has fallen.  The standing stone which is to the east of the circle appears to draw attention to the entire stone circle.  This dominant stone stands apart from the circle.

I was with a group of other painters but they were all up on the hill behind me so it was very quiet. There were a few cows who seemed curious about the intrusion but left us alone.  The Irish people treat these holy places with great reverence.   Stone monuments and circles like this exist all over Ireland but you would never know they were there unless someone pointed them out to you. Farmers who own land containing an ancient burial ground or monument never intrude upon the area. and in fact keep their distance from these holy sites. 

Ardgroom Standing Stone


So I approached the circle. The dominant stone outside the circle called to me. This was “the watcher.”   Another way of describing it would be to say it was an elder.

the watcher


 I approached and put both my hands against the surface. Immediately I felt strong vibration--- not only in my hands but in my body.  I took my hands away from the stone to record on paper what I was hearing. Most of you who read my posts know my strongest gift is clairaudience (hearing spirit) and this is how I brought you this message-- simply by listening and recording the words.  The italic is the message. 

Channeled message in italics

This stone circle is the gathering of the elders – throughout all time. The endless energies of those who have walked on the land remain in this place. We are the caretakers of this place – given to oversee the land, sea and sky as taken from the ancients before us.   Be in the knowledge of this sacred ground and in its essence as we speak to you in union together from the higher spheres as one who loves and respects the flow of energy through the earth---As one who can see the connection linking all sacred sites on your planet today. These still exist, and it is our duty to maintain these portals – to protect them from interference by man. Within my energy I gift you with the mark of one who carries earth and light to those who cannot respect the planet's currents and to those who restrict themselves by an inability to see the sacredness of all beings, land, and sky? Bring this message to all.

Pleiadians were first on this site to mark the endpoints---these represent the various connections in all of the energy portals throughout earth.   I believe he is referring to the “lay lines" which stretch across the earth.  A few years ago during a shamanic journey in an ancient passage tomb I saw these lines. They are straight blue lines that intersect.

You stand on one of the most powerful on earth--- a gate.  He means that this section of the lay lines are very powerful and can transport us to another place—likely the Pleiadian star system.  I have to admit I paused when I heard this as it brought up my memories of stories where a person travels back in time through a gate.   Saint Germain clarified this for me as you will read below! 

A reality for some who know how to unlock the gate.

I asked where the gate is.    

Under your feet below the earth.

I thanked him and expressed gratitude for the messages. I was told to touch the watcher to be healed and carry this information to others.  I placed my hands back on the stone.  He continued to say, you are the keeper of your earth. Tell others that light and goodness, peace and harmony exist within and without human form. The original priests are the builders and they remain with the stones and their bodies are buried under the stones.  As my hands lay on the stone I felt this powerful energy again and remembered I was carrying it home with me.

There is a star system called the Pleiadies.  The message seems to indicate some involvement from this part of the universe in the building of these amazing stone circles.

 I asked Saint Germain to comment on this experience and here is our conversation:

Jane-  Did I hear correctly that the stone circle was built by extraterrestrials called Pleiadians?

Saint Germain- This is correct information given to you by the Master.  Ancient sites such as this are older than man can fully comprehend.  It is a common mistake to assume a monuments such as this were more recently built, when in truth they were established by souls visiting the earth over 6,000 years ago.

Jane- I noticed the stones looked like human figures?

Saint Germain- No, the stones have been marked by weather over the centuries. Any resemblance to real sentient beings is in your mind.

Jane- I was told this is a gate. Is this correct?   Is it a passage to another star?

Saint Germain- This gate is not an opening to another star system, but instead a portal to those like myself in the higher vibrations.

He also said the ancients who built the circle used it as a way of sending their loved ones to heaven.  I don't  think this was not meant to be literal.

Jane- I mentioned the energy I felt when I touched the large stone identified as the watcher. 

Saint Germain- You spoke to the keeper of the circle--a sentient being and one of many guardians of these holy places on earth.  Here the physical experience of matter meets spirit.  As you have heard before this is  a "thin place."  You felt the higher vibrations and stepped between. Others do not feel this energy as they are firmly connected to the dense energy of the human body. 

He went on to say my on-going work with the spiritual world makes it possible for me to feel certain higher energies.  I believe this is also true for anyone dedicated to a relationship with the unseen but very real spiritual dimensions. 

Next month I will share my visit with the spiritual medium and stone reader Mary Madigan.  I welcome all you comments.   Blessings, Jane