The Lives of Saint Germain in his own words

I asked Saint Germain to speak to me about his lives— which life or lives has held the most importance for him and what did he learn as a result.

Saint Germain – yes yes I very large subject and he began to laugh. 

It is very unlike him but he said, "I have to ponder a moment."

The other point I'll mention--much to my great surprise when I began to work with Saint Germain, I discovered he has a wonderful sense of humor and can make me laugh!

Saint Germain – The life of most importance was the experience and acceptance of serving as St. Joseph, the father of Jesus. In this life the Christ consciousness was embedded in my soul. It was an honor and responsibility to nurture the son of God and child who would carry the greatest wisdom to mankind.

There was, in this life, a humble duty and I learned to support and not to lead. I was the one who held the Holy Family together and supported Mary through her term, resulting in the birth of the baby Jesus. I stood in the shadows and this can be, my dear, the greatest gift of a particular life.

Jane – What about Shakespeare?

Saint Germain – Yes-- many miss this life of mine. I was a walk – in. The soul who was to live this role departed and I carried on. The life was one of great mastery over words and I loved the stage. For me it was a respite from the difficult incarnations.

Were you Sir Francis Bacon? Did you die at the guillotine?

Saint Germain – Yes, I did die at the guillotine. Some spread the word I escaped. This is untrue my life was challenging, and the political time a mirror of your own – with outward policies only as true as the person speaking the words. Most information was hidden from the people. I transitioned out of that experience quickly and pledged to always bring truth to the surface. A leader of strength and integrity is rare but only if it results in a nation of peace and prosperity overshadowed by religious freedom.

Jane – were you the Greek poet Hesiod?

Saint Germain – Yes indeed-my favorite life. The love of expression has always been my gift. To express what one thinks in a rhythmic and lovely manner is the art of the stanza – the clarity of which can be understood at the deeper levels by the music of the words.

  Jane – I know that you have told me you were Merlin-- not the Merlin of the fairy tales but  the advisor to King Arthur. What can you tell me about this particular life?

Saint Germain –This was the powerful  experience leading me to ascension. There was great conflict at the time and nothing like the written works describing this age. The contract between good and evil very pronounced. My role as advisor to the King placed me in a delicate role between war and peace. I became a statesman and teacher – priest and philosopher-- all my lives poured into this experience and provided the turning point for a new age in the history of Great Britain-- and it was one of the first steps to a government of the people.

Jane – I asked him if it was a good thing to remember our past lives or should be hidden and not addressed

Saint Germain – it can be a difficult memory for some – for others, the knowledge builds upon the past empowering the soul to better understand the complexity of life as a series of lessons that continue to ascension.

Note- Ascension means we have graduated out of the physical experience and have no need to re-born here. We remain in the upper dimensions of the spiritual worlds.

Some have asked me if Saint Germain was the mysterious man who was present when the Founding Fathering in America discussed seceding from Britain. He has answered yes--   he was very interested in our country then and still is today.

 Thank you for your interest and I would love to hear from you. I am always open to your questions and some of them become part of my discussions with Saint Germain.   Love, Jane