Watch Your Thoughts!

When Saint Germain entered my life and I sat down to listen to his words for the first time there were two strong statements given to me:

·       “You are a Holy Spirit and everyone you see is divine love.”

·       “Watch your thoughts. Make sure they are at the highest level possible. Your thoughts become your reality.”

I have difficulty controlling my thoughts.  My mind can race from one thing to another. Worry about someone or something in my life can fill my thoughts, and this energy of worry lingers in my mind.  Sometimes I have a tendency to think I don’t have enough. I night say, to myself in the internal dialogue-- how my going to pay for this item or this thing I want?  We have to ask ourselves the question-- what do I want to manifest in my experience? We can have abundance, or we can have scarcity depending upon the internal dialog. Our thoughts are miracle makers!

During the years I’ve worked with Saint Germain I have spoken with him about this subject many times.  He loves the topic and goes on and on when I bring it up.

I said to him recently,"how do we control our thoughts when we are constantly bombarded with noise and confusion from media including radio and TV, cell phones and other noise and distractions in our daily lives?" Here is our conversation:

Saint Germain – It is with deep love I address you concerning this subject. More than any other spiritual  principal, when mastery occurs in one’s ability to control the thoughts, the higher truths can be revealed.

Now there is an important point in this conversation and I don’t want you to miss it. We will not be given the higher truths of spirit until we master our thoughts.

Saint Germain- It is very true what you say regarding the state of your current physical experience. This challenge exists for all except those who live a simple life in open spaces away from the noise and confusion of cities. The ability to reach beyond this noise and confusion marks you as a master.

He went on to say that the outside world needs to be placed in the background of our activities.  There is a holy relationship with other people that connects us to them and this must be our focus.

I commented on radio and TV because I like to listen to the news and sometimes it gets me upset.

Saint Germain reminded me it is my choice to  partake of the activity or to reject it.  He went on to say that the real problem is excluding the more important activities in favor of worldly activities.The more important activities are connection with God and time in silence and meditation.

We continued the conversation and Saint Germain mentioned a new phrase to me-- The heart strings of the soul.

St. Germain – "To know you are God is to play the music of the heart which is your energy body. This body contains strings you see, that resonate with a higher energy when one has control over negative thoughts."

Jane – What can you tell me about the interior thoughts or what you call talking out loud? I have a terrible problem with this.  I talk out loud especially when I’m driving.

Saint Germain – I hear you often simply going over what is in your mind openly in the air. It is a point of mastery to contain the energy of the thoughts within your own Temple. The thought loses it energy if it is released into the vapors. So a beautiful and divine thought spoken out loud is wasted. All great thoughts and permutations of the mind belong within.

I found this information fascinating and now I am trying very hard to keep the interior thoughts to myself. This is the type of information that is received from an Ascended Master.  It changes the way you look at even the simple things in your life.

Jane – I have read there may be a difference between the words that are spoken and the thoughts behind them. Is this true?

St. Germain – Yes this is true. Be calm and try to feel the thoughts behind the confusion of men’s verbiage. It is mastery for one to read the thoughts behind the words.

The key word here is calm. We have to listen very carefully in a state of total ease.

Jane – How do I read the message behind the words?

Saint Germain – This is accomplished by looking into the eyes and seeing the inner soul. The eyes are the window into the mind and one can train to see the deeper meanings there.

I asked him to further explain to me another phrase that he has used --The phrase is garment of thought.

Saint Germain- This is the clothing of the thoughts – the visual equivalent of hearing. So think of your thoughts becoming manifest just as clothing would on the outside. Do not allow this to happen and your personal information remains within the interior of the soul.

He finished the session by saying the following:

To spend your time in silence has great passion and purpose. Be determined to monitor your thoughts. Speak to me in your mind more frequently to let me know what it is you need. This is acceptable between master and pupil.

I feel very lucky to have a Master Teacher but I want to remind all of you that you also are never alone. You have your own Guides, Archangels, and Master Teachers. It is just a matter of making the time and effort to uncover your spiritual team. You possess spiritual gifts and in many of you they lay dormant, but you can activate them with determination. As Saint Germain always says, everything is a question of choice.  Do we let the material world /physical world override the more important spiritual energies that surround us every day?

I hope this has given you a lot to think about.   I am carefully monitoring my thoughts and my tendency to always be talking out loud. Love, Jane