Your Questions and Saint Germain's Answers!!!

Once a Year I like to ask Saint Germain to answer your questions. I hope some of you will see your questions here. I have also posted a video on You-Tube with additional questions! I keep a question file so send me general ( not personal) questions.

Question – I saw my husband who had died. Can the etheric body be seen? You said it takes two to see it?

Saint Germain answers, “one must be at a soul age capable of seeing past the veil in order to perceive the light body of one who has transitioned from the physical plane to this higher place. It is a blessing for those capable of receiving the vision.”

The etheric body, ether-body, æther body, is a name given by neo-Theosophy to a vital body or subtle body propounded in esoteric philosophies as the first or lowest layer in the "human energy field" or aura. It is said to be in immediate contact with the physical body, to sustain it and connect it with "higher" bodies.

Question- It was mentioned by an author writing about death that souls reincarnate based on some theme. The author says many lives are focused on that theme, like understanding all aspects of greed, or illness, or being a victim.

Saint Germain answers, “There are souls who do continue to grow spiritually by focusing on a set of challenges. Some  challenges are created in early lifetimes, however there are older souls with a single focus – that being transcending the physical experience and understanding the real truth— that one can never perish.  Part of you remains when the body dies and this part is everlasting life. Do you understand?    I answered yes.  Saint Germain continued to say, “The elders work with each soul to outline the lessons. It is a rough draft you might say, and souls are encouraged to take a course of study best suited to their soul age, past deeds, and future desires.”

The part which remains after death is our consciousness or awareness which contains the memories of all our lives and can never perish.

Question – Saint Germain speaks about the over soul and defines it as, “the totality of who you are; the sum of all life experiences within bodies. It will be an integration of the memories; these memories are handled by your council.”   This suggests that there is some mechanism by which someone can give you access to your own Akashic records. It also suggests that you do not have unrestricted access to your own records. How is access to your own records managed?

Saint Germain answers, The Akashic record belongs to you. It is a holy record detailed with each event in the life of a soul prior to birth and afterwards throughout time. Upon ascension, when the lessons of many lives have been integrated, the entire record is unveiled. Even old souls such as yourself do not know the whole and will be aware of only the parts servicing the current life. When one comes back home after physical life, the elders give you the key to parts of your record. Then, there is a discussion with the elders about small aspects of the life just lived. Some souls are here (meaning on the other side) for hundreds of years and cannot see the past experience. Others are anxious to see a great deal of each life. One must realize that each soul is unique and the Council treats each one as a special “light of life “– coming into and out of the classroom.

Question- Saint Germain said, your surroundings look solid; as solid as the desks you write upon. It is your creation. Is it not? Understand this: all thoughts become matter and one’s creations appear very solid here. Can you explain how this works; thoughts becoming matter? Saint Germain has said that intent is a key ingredient to thoughts becoming matter. Thus, without intent, a thought will not become matter?

Saint Germain loved this question and responded,” A thought “is a formless desire to create that which seems real to the soul. A thought is often a wish, but the most powerful thoughts are declarations which are demands to see the desire manifested in the form. Do you understand? 

I responded, unfortunately many do not know how to declare their desires and are wishy-washy on asking for things like this.  

Saint Germain responded, yes, what is created in form is the result of a deep desire to manifest your own creation. All souls are given this gift of manifestation, however very few know of the gift or experience their own divine power.

A declaration is powerful request for help from the spiritual hierarchy. It has to be a serious request.

Saint Germain continued to answer the second part of the question regarding intent being a key ingredient to thoughts becoming matter. He said intent is a key ingredient to thoughts becoming matter. However, there are events and possibilities for manifestation outside of the soul’s desire where the experience is needed for the growth of the soul. The elders control this.

Question – Saint Germain said light has the ability to heal wounds from the past. Can you explain how light can heal a wound? What is a wound?

 Saint Germain- This is not light as you define it in the physical life. When the sun shines you say, now it is light!   Light is a substance of living energy which can be accessed by you. All souls may call in the light of God.  

He reminded me I had asked for healing light in respect to my own needs.

I responded that I did not perceive it as light?

 He said faith is the secret ingredient – a declaration is fueled by faith.

Question- what is a wound?

Saint Germain – There are many wounds. In your physical life you define a wound is a physical hurt which impacts the physical body. A wound is often wrong thoughts--- psychological pain as a result of abandonment. Each person defines this word differently depending on their level of spiritual maturity. All wounds can be healed – both physical and mental.

Question – Saint Germain says the experience of the physical environment grows your knowledge of who you are as an unlimited being.  In what ways is a soul an unlimited being?

Saint Germain- “A soul never dies. It is eternal. There is however a possibility of reintegration of the soul in serious cases as we have discussed before. When one sees themselves as an unlimited being all fear of the physical world should drop away. You cannot die. Your reality is consciousness which is energy and even your own scientists explain energy cannot be destroyed. God bless you.”

Question – Saint Germain says each soul is unique and has their own unique journey towards enlightenment. Is there a distinction between enlightenment and Ascension?

Saint Germain answers, “Yes, enlightenment is the goal. Ascension is the activity which leads to this ultimate glory of enlightenment.”


I hope you have enjoyed this post.   I appreciate all your questions!!!!! I hope one of your questions is here. I Love, Jane