Uncovering the Patterns of Your Life

Uncovering the Patterns of Your Life.


Just imagine that you are on a cruise. You are enjoying all the amenities including the swimming pool, sauna, restaurants, bars and dance halls. What if someone commented, “You are missing the real heart and soul of the cruise experience.” Go down to the lower levels of the ship and see for yourself how this immense ship functions?    How many people do you think would go down into the lower levels and explore?  Probably very few.  The upper decks contain information you are conscious of. The steerage of a ship is where the hidden treasure lies. As a metaphor, the hidden areas of the ship represent the subconscious.  The under-belly of the ship, rarely visited by cruise passengers, contains the nuts and bolts of-everything that happens on the upper decks!   In the same way, your subconscious contains important information about your soul--  including your experiences in past centuries!  This information needs to be understood for the entire ship to function properly.

If we accept the fact that we live hundreds of lifetimes there a lot of memories to explore. Just as the ship will not move forward without the motors and engines in the lower levels, the same is true of you in utilizing your past experience on a soul level. This includes where you have been, what you have done, and who you knew? This experience is always trickling upwards  as you live your life, but wouldn't it be better to be conscious of the information?

In my work as a spiritual medium I can tap into the Akashic Record ( the record of all your lives)  by seeing into the engine room of your ship. This information is helpful because it reveals information about yourself and why you act and feel the way you do.  For instance, it can help understand why there may be dissatisfaction with a job, why someone in the family never seems to fit in, or why you have one passion above all others. It is not as effective as working with a past life hypnotherapist which reveals the emotion behind the memories.

I have uncovered at least ten of my previous lives.  Saint Germain has shared a few with me, and at least three came from past life regressions working with hypnotherapists trained in this work. 

This knowledge is my own tapestry of woven threads.  My pattern of past experince has given me valuable information about myself at a deep level.  I know who I am and why I love certain activities. It is clear why I ended up becoming a spiritual medium.   I know how far my lives go back in time; I know whether my energy is mainly male or female;  I recognize work and interests, and I see past lives cut short by illness and trauma to the body.   In my pursuit of this knowledge I weave my own tapestry adding additional threads as I find them.

Where are the keys to this discovery?  Dreams are a source. Do you keep a record of your dreams?   I had a dream which lasted 5 nights.  It was a lucid dream so I was able to talk to myself in the dream.  I wrote the information down immediately in the morning. The dream stopped after 5 nights and I was able to verify landmarks in the town where I had lived and died in the early 1800’s.  I followed the dream with a regression and a past life was revealed to me.

Make a list of the five individuals who had the greatest influence on you in this life.  Make a second list of the five activities you cannot live without. Make a third list containing the five places in the world that you feel compelled to visit. If you have been to any of these five places highlight the name.  Now what I am asking you to do will take some time-- at least 15 days.

Meditate on the names of the first five people one at a time. Invite each person to a private place that only you have created in your own mind. Invite your guide to join you. Ask the question-- where have we known each other before? Why did you decide to join me in this life experience?  When you come out of meditation write some notes in a journal.

Meditate on the five activities that you love cannot live without. Do this one at a time. Re-visit the sacred place you have created in meditation and ask – when was the first time that I did this activity? Did it seem easy or hard?  Do I need to perform this activity in order to feel whole and complete?  What do I need to know about it now?  Try to get some details. Journal about each of the five.

Meditate on each place that you either have visited or you desire to visit. Ask your guides – show me the last time I visited this place. Give me a vision of myself in this place in another body?  Journal on this experience.

 You may also be introduced to yourself in a meditation. Instead of seeing a current friend or family member from a previous life, your guide may show you yourself inhabiting a different body.  When this happened to me I stepped into the body and merged with it.   I felt the difference between myself and the other on a personality level but at the core I knew we had the same soul. You can do this also.

Some of you may get some very detailed information and others may receive an emotional connection to the place, person, or activity. Sometimes learning about the hidden part of ourself helps us to move forward in our lives. The ultimate understanding of a previous life is accomplished through a past life regression with someone who is trained. This is an emotional experience most people cannot deny the validity of.

I know someone who doesn’t believe in an afterlife or re-birth. This person is close to me. She says, I wish I had your beliefs. I advised her to have a regression so that she can better connect with the part of her subconscious that she is not in touch with. I assured her life goes on, but having the emotional experience of experiencing a previous life could be a powerful step to understanding we are unlimited beings. Our souls never die.  We get many opportunities to get our lessons right.

 The most important lesson is to love others unconditionally and to forgive everything. When we arrive at this point we are ready to stay in the spiritual world and move to the higher levels of dimensional understanding. It is often called ascension. We do not have to return to a physical body. I hope this information has been helpful to you and I would love to hear about your experience with the meditations. It is very likely that you are an old soul if you are reading my posts.  Sending you all love!   Jane