Healing The Body Through the Power of your Own Spirit: Part 1 (closed)

Part 2 (coming in September 2019)

Thank you to all of you who attended this event. Because of the huge number of questions I received about health conditions following part 1, I have decided to do a Part 2 on the same topic and to bring in Saint Germain for details associated with particular health and physical issues and disease.

There is a limit to the size of the group. It is an opportunity for Saint Germain to engage my audience. He loves to do this. The cost is $20 and includes your spouse or other family members who would like to listen and participate.

  • A channeled message for the entire group | Chosen by Saint Germain, of course!

  • Individual mini readings | Names will be chosen from the group of participants.

  • Opportunity to ask questions at the end. 

Jane provides an invaluable service to those who seek spiritual awakening. You need to meet Jane.
— Ned
Saint Germaine had me at “Why would you put something dead into your body?” That blew my mind… I am really trying digesting that one (no pun intended… :? ). Aside from turning my world upside down 😉 it was an incredible evening!
Also, I felt privileged with your confidence in us, that you requested for Saint Germaine to speak to us at a high level. I think I understood everything he said.
I will be listening to it again and again, hoping to finally reconcile “putting something dead into my body!”

Love and Peace Sista!
— Debbie K.
We in the spiritual realms are blessed to work with you— for you bring the light to those who cannot see it for themselves.
— Ned