60 Minute Channeled Reading

A spiritual reading is a private session with me for one person, or a couple. I am a trance medium and Saint Germain speaks through me directly  to you.  For me it feels as if I am in the bottom of a 12 foot swimming pool hearing the vibration of the water hitting the side of the pool, but not hearing the actual words. If you are on the telephone, there will be about a minute of silence after the opening prayer, and a short period of silence after Saint Germain has spoken.

I am able to hear spirit and see them clairvoyantly. I will describe to you who is present. Saint Germain is always present. The Archangels often appear and your guides and personal angels are always present. Jesus may appear and this is usually a deeply moving experience with an important message.

I am allowed to see your Akashic Record, or Book of Life. This happens when there is a past life that is relevant to your situation today. There is a timeline I am allowed to access in order to see when your lives began, and what significant periods of time should be brought to your attention.

Saint Germain is a powerful voice in the reading. He has a sense of humor, but can be decisive and firm when he is instructing you about a particular issue. Your questions can explore many diverse areas including past lives, career direction, relationships, philosophical questions, personal health and well – being, spiritual guidance and current issues of concern.

A 60 minute reading allows time for Saint Germain to speak to you directly and for you to ask questions. One hour goes by very quickly. You can schedule a reading by clicking on the button below.

During your reading you'll have time to listen and ask questions and you may experience all or some of the following: 

  • Life changing guidance from Ascended Masters and Archangels as they direct you to a deeper relationship with God and spiritual life.

  • The Masters will address your existential and worldly concerns.

  • An introduction to your own personal guides and angels.

  • A look at your Akashic Record (a record of previous physical lives) and a possible conversation with one or more elders on your Council.

  • An energy shift conducted by a Master on your behalf.

I work with people all over the world. My technical abilities have international reach with a few minor exceptions. For questions about doing business with me remotely or internationally, please reach out to me via email or through my contact page.


I feel so lucky to have met you and connected with you! I keep all of your messages and your guide’s messages very close to me. They have helped me in this transition and speak to me often.
— Jean W

I often do readings on weekends and evenings. Contact me directly if you need a time outside nof my daily schedule.

If you would prefer to schedule your reading directly with me, e-mail me at jane@janehalliwell.com

I am so deeply grateful for our reading. It has been deeply transformative. What a gift you are to the world! Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you.
— Anna J.

Spiritual Development Circles  (6 person minimum)

I will travel an hour from Dayton, Ohio to do a group for you.  

Saint Germain will address the entire group and then I will do short readings for each person with follow up questions.  

The ideal group size is 6 and the session lasts about 3 to 4 hours. The hostess often serves lunch. Alcohol is acceptable but only after the readings. 

$40.00 per person. Payment collected at the time of service. Please contact me at least 2 months ahead of time.

There was much conversation after you left about the insights we each gained. Personally, I could have sat all afternoon and listened to you. It was fascinating. It was a pleasure to meet you, and honestly, I was sorry to see you leave. It felt like an old friend was leaving our company. You are a gem and the work you do for others is so comforting.
— Karen S. (Group Reading)
Thank you! we all had a lot of fun, and as we were talking and laughing afterwards I recorded one of the best happy moments with my family together. Just that, is worth so much to me. I am very thankful for having met you.
— Jenny D.



Speaking for myself, I was simply amazed by all of the connections between the information that was channeled to you and personal things in my life of which very few people are aware.

It was such a release to understand some of the reasons I struggle in the ways I do, and a sense of healing from these things has become quite obvious to me. Our follow up reading together revealed even more invaluable messages and I am finally beginning to understand my own spiritual path and feel the freedom to follow the beckoning of the angels and spiritual guides.

Thank you for offering a safe, warm space for both my husband and me to gain better understanding of ourselves and this beautiful universe we inhabit, both physically and spiritually. You were so right on with both of us! I am also grateful for the opportunity to be one of your watercolor students. You are such an enthusiastic, friendly and talented art instructor and my artistic skills have grown exponentially since I began painting with you. Others have commented on my improvement as well! My greatest lesson from all of these experiences is learning to live from a sense of deep love for all souls. I’m so glad to have met you.
— Kim L.