What are Spirit and Channeled Readings?

This is a private session with me, for one person, by telephone or in-person. Most of my readings are on a special conference line. If you live in Dayton, Ohio or close by you can come to my office.  The long appointment lasts about 90 minutes. The first 15-20 minutes is spent in conversation.  The second part is channeled readings. I am able to hear and see spirit.  I  am a trance medium and will allow Master Saint Germain, who is my Master teacher, to speak directly to you through me.   Archangels, your personal guides, Master teachers and Saints may be present. Channeled readings are a deeply moving experience revealing important messages about your life.

During the reading, I will describe who is present.  Master Saint Germain is a powerful voice in the reading. He has a sense of humor but can be decisive and firm when instructing you about a particular issue. Jesus is Saint Germain's twin soul and often is present as well.

Your questions can explore many diverse areas including past lives, career direction, relationships, philosophical questions, personal health and well-being, spiritual guidance, and current issues of concern. Think about your questions ahead of time and try to be specific and clear. Be open to the process and the information you receive. Do not compare your channeled or spiritual readings with those of others as each one is unique.

What kinds of problems do you work with?

Master Saint Germain and other spirits present during the reading will take on almost anything.  Some of the most common issues concern grief, divorce, past childhood abuse, work, and family challenges, and past lives.  Master Saint Germain will provide guidance on building a relationship with your own spiritual team.      

Explain the process of channeled readings information?

When I channel information for you I step aside-- my consciousness moves over to allow spirit to bring me the information you need at this point in your life. I do this under the protection of Master Saint Germain who is my Master Teacher and therefore my Gatekeeper and protector.   Other spiritual beings will be present during the channeled readings and I am able to hear and speak their messages.

What results can I expect after working with you?

Every person's experience is unique.  Many comment that the reading provides new clarity about a particular situation. I often hear someone say they feel as if the pressure has been released.  There is strong emotion felt during and after the spiritual readings.  Spirit works with your particular issue in ways that often amaze me.  You will be left with lots of information to think about and process.

Do you see loved ones that have died and bring messages through?

Yes, I do, however, this does not happen in every channeled or spiritual reading. Your departed family members are living a full life in spirit and it takes a strong desire on their part to come through and send a message. Sometimes they are actually sleeping after crossing over.  For more information on this subject, you can read my book, Death What Is It?  This is available on Amazon.

How soon can I return for a second channeled or spiritual readings?

I recommend no sooner than 6 months. Many people come once a year.

Are you a Christian?

Yes.  I am a strong Christian and an active Catholic. I  love Jesus, the Virgin Mother, and all the saints. I often see them in a reading.  I channel the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I do feel, however, that organized religion sometimes lets us down. We are all capable of relationships with these beautiful beings and do not need an intermediary such as a priest, minister, or Pope to make the connection.

Do you work with children?

Yes,  I have worked with older children, particularly those having difficulty fitting in with their peers. I have also mentored many teenagers who are learning to manage emerging gifts of spirit. 

How did you meet Saint Germain?

He woke me up one-morning saying Arise, arise and hear the Clarion call for one and all. When I "tuned in" to find out which spirit was trying to get my attention, Saint Germain stepped forward and said, " I have chosen  you as one of my messengers here in the physical world."   See the full story under "About Jane."

I noticed that  Jesus has spoken with you?  What does he look like?

 When he joins the conversation he says a  great deal in a very few words.  I see him as a dark-skinned man with chin length hair. His dress is simple brown robe all the way to  his feet. He has told me that his real name is Yeshua and that is the way he was known when here in physical body.  His energy overwhelms me and is the reason I go through lots of kleenexes when he comes into a reading.