Jane’ s Links and Favorites

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Global Psychics and Healers

I am now a member of this group. I have attached main link below. There are also associations linked to this site in Canada and the United Kingdom.


Past Life Regression

Karen Willis -I recommend past lives therapy to my students and clients. Past life regression will help you to connect with your unconscious memories of past lives. Karen was trained by Dolores Cannon, one of the greatest past life regression therapists/instructors. She has worked with me and the benefits have been outstanding. She is well-known in the greater Washington/Baltimore area.


Soul Inspired Healing

Linda Blackburn-Reiki Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Esthetician. Linda is north of Dayton.



Kelly Bulger - Dual Expressions

Therapeutic healing massage, Facials and nails

Kelly is on Shroyer Road in Kettering

email Kelly at ceodes9@gmail.com or call


Shaman John

John Teeu is a shamanic counselor and Healer. He was a trained by the Michael Harner organization which is the best in the world. He is located in Central Ohio.