About The Ascended Master Saint Germain

Saint Germain

I knew very little about Saint Germain when he stepped into my life one morning.  I was familiar with a book entitled,  The I Am Discourses written in 1932 by Guy Ballard.  This book includes the teachings of Saint Germain, Jesus, and other Ascended Masters.

Saint Germain is known as the Ascended Master who is the keeper of the Sacred Violet Flame of Healing.

There are other Ascended Masters-- Jesus being one as well. Saint Germain has lived many lives including Prophet Samuel of the Old Testament, Sir Francis Bacon, Saint Joseph, A High Priest of Atlantis, Christopher Columbus, and Merlin to name only a few.  He is often pictured as the well-known alchemist known during the reign of Louis XV, King of France ( 1710-1774).  I have asked him if he was really the great Merlin as this is the way I see him, and he responded that his role in that particular body is unlike the stories and fairy tales we read about. He was King Arthur's spiritual advisor.

My personal physically and spiritually experience with him has been deeply transforming

Saint Germain is deeply concerned about humanity.  He is a bringer of love to every person he speaks with-- either directly to me, or through the process of a channeled message.  During my first conversation with him he asked me to say this prayer every hour,

"Holy Father, I remember I am a holy spirit, and everyone I meet is pure love."

I try to remember  this prayer as I go about a normal day. Everyone deserves love. Love to all of you who reading this now.

I am only one of a small number of mediums around the world who channel the messages of the Ascended Master Saint Germain. His words are powerful and can change your life or give you the courage to take the next step in what ever challenge lies ahead. I also see Yeshua (Jesus).  Saint Germain and Yeshua are twin flames.

Messages From The Ascended Master Saint Germain, a channeled text is available for purchase on Amazon.

My greatest satisfaction comes from helping and supporting you. I grew up in a large Irish Catholic Family and at an early age my parents realized I could hear the voice of spirit. I am grateful to have this gift and have used it for many years to help people struggling with a variety of life's challenges.  You can learn more about my journey to being a spiritual medium here. 

Channeled Prayer

Saint Germain – Channeled Prayer

" Blessed are you who love. Love is the ultimate experience in this life. Love will provide you with the riches of the universe. Practice true and deep soul love. Soul love comes from the deepest level of your being. Love embraces all. Love is beyond the understanding of the human part of you.

To embrace and know it at its deepest level, one must first tap into the spirit which is who you really are. Pray to understand and practice loving those whom you believe do not deserve it. All deserve love. All respond to love. Love is the most potent medicine in existence. We challenge you to use this power to change your world. Do not be skeptical until you try. To change your situation requires that you be love, and nothing less."  

- Saint Germain