Mental Telepathy


 I am working on a new book concerning the subject of death. While speaking to Saint Germain about the book, the topic of mental telepathy came up. I loved the subject and I hope you do too.  If you break down the word telepathy it is composed of the word tele which means distance and pathy meaning feeling. So telepathy means getting feelings from a distance without the use of the five senses. It is like Claircognizance (clear understanding) or Clairaudience (clear hearing which is communication between a human and a non—physical spirit). We also use telepathy in our communication mind to mind with each other while still in a human body, although very few of us are aware we are doing this.  I asked Saint Germain to talk to me about non-verbal communication as it pertains to both our spiritual and physical bodies.   Here is our conversation:

Jane – How do we handle being bombarded by other people’s thoughts all the time?

Saint Germain – This is why you are so tired after a public appearance and when you are engaged with large groups.

Jane – Are we actually feeling people physically?

Saint Germain –No, not as one feels a touch on the shoulder, however there is a physical sensation as one feels the energy outside of human time.

 (When I channel spirit I feel Saint Germain physically as a warm sensation.  This is outside of human time.)

Jane – Can these thoughts be absorbed by our physical bodies?

Saint Germain – Yes, your thoughts affect your own physical body as well as others within the energy field you share.

Jane – Am I absorbing the thoughts of other people when I go about my daily business?

Saint Germain – Yes, you physically absorb these energies. Remember thoughts are energy.

Jane – When we die and arrive on the other side do we also absorb these thought energies?

Saint Germain – Not in the same way. Within a permeable light body a thought is never missed. In your physical environment thoughts are almost always missed.

(I thought this was fascinating-- it is the un-spoken thoughts we miss !)

Jane-Everyone must have the ability to pick up thoughts, because we all die and this is the method of communication on the other side. How can we understand this better? How is this done?

Saint Germain- Simply think thoughts you might normally speak and watch the results. He continued to say some individuals will not pick up the thought but others may hear them. He encouraged me to experiment with this, and when I was successful in transmitting a thought to someone who responded, I would know I was dealing with one of the old ones.

 An old one is a person who has lived many lifetimes and therefore has had a lot of experience in this type of communication.

Saint Germain went on to say there is no common language on the other side. In other words, they don’t speak French, English, or German. It is pure thought communication. If someone wishes to speak in a particular tongue and dialect this is possible.  They must, however, speak to someone who carries the same memory of the language.  Most choose to communicate by thought transference. He continued to say we will  remember all the skills of maneuvering and managing in that environment when we return to spirit as these skills come back instantly. 

I asked Saint Germain to give me a way to teach my students application of these skills in their daily lives.  He said, “Tell them they have to change the way they see the outside world. To see the world as a bowl of soup filled with information ready to be sipped.”

We have the ability within us to receive these hidden messages. He went on to say if a soul masters non- verbal human communication, they are able to hear un-spoken thoughts. This is an ability which serves us.   (What he means--- we won’t miss any aspect of our communication with another person, and the unspoken thoughts are the most important and meaningful ones!!)  He says just as I hear his voice, I can hear others.

Jane –  I said this to Saint Germain, "When you are talk to me directly it is easier. With a group, wouldn’t it be more difficult? You say there are thoughts everywhere.  How do we find the thoughts we are looking for?

Saint Germain – You search for hidden messages.

Jane – Will I know where the message is coming from if I’m in a group situation?

Saint Germain – You will know by the energy field. Look outward and feel the sensation of the thoughts calling to you from a particular direction. You do this already. As one becomes aware of this basic level of communication, the skills will grow. This is not only for mankind but also the animal kingdom. Start now and be a seeker of thoughts.

He said thoughts carry images and we should look for those also.

I asked if our loved ones who have crossed over pick up our thoughts when we think about them. He said yes, it is a gift you give to your loved ones each time a thought is sent. There is also a reciprocal message.

Here is a direct quote from my new book about death which I hope to publish in 2018.  An individual who was listening to me speak about the subject of death asked this question – how can everyday people communicate with their loved ones? Saint Germain said the following, “one must first believe the loved ones are receptive to their thoughts and love. Know, as you think of your mother and father here, they feel the energy and love of your thoughts. Sending and receiving thoughts is not simply relegated to the physical earth. All your thoughts and feelings are felt by those in spiritual bodies. They know, and are blessed each time you send them love and memories of your time together. Take a moment in the morning and evening to speak to them. Know they always receive your messages.”

Jane- When we communicate telepathically we lack facial expressions which are helpful in understanding what someone is saying. Isn’t this true?

Saint Germain – “The expressions are often misleading are they not?” I answered yes. He continued to say, “The expressions may shut down your communication. Is this correct?”

 I thought about it for a few minutes and said yes. He continued to say, “So you see, the inner dialogue is more efficient.”

In closing he said we need to use our third eye to send love and wait for the return message. Love always receives a response.

The third eye is located between the eyebrows.

He continued to say we would remember upon our return home all the communication skills of maneuvering and managing in the spiritual environment as they come back instantly.

I hope you all enjoyed this. When I stopped to think about it I use mental telepathy more frequently than most people as I hear spirit voices easily.  You can do this too. Remember we have all used this form of communication through many life-times!!!

Thank you for being a part of my readership and I would love to hear your thoughts about this post. Many blessings, Jane