Guarding The Doors of Thought Part 2

Guarding The Doors of Thought Part 2

This is a deeper dive in to the subject of thoughts. Remember your thoughts are things!!! Your life is affected by your thoughts and those of others around you. So as Saint Germain says, “Watch your thoughts!”

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Residual Energy and Change

I was inspired to write about this topic as my husband and I are moving from Maryland to Ohio.This was unexpected, but I embraced the change with enthusiasm, realizing that our lives are always in a state of constant motion and to hold on to the past is not always the best decision. I believe that there is a reason for everything and when I let go and allow events to occur in my life, the results are often perfect.   Here is my story with comments from Saint Germain about clearing uncomfortable spaces.

After selling our home in Maryland we drove to Ohio to choose a new home. I became acutely aware of the power of residual energy. Everything has a vibration and energy signature. The previous occupants leave an emotional blue print on the interior of a home. When a disembodied spirit haunts a home the energy is also present in the space.  Occasionally a spirit may be seen. Even if the space in not considered a haunted residence, you might say the space is composed of the combined energy of the  family that lives there. Even when the house is vacant the residual energy lingers. 

My selection of a new home was influenced by reading the energy of each home. Every individual  is capable of sensing energy and does it every day without full awareness of the process.  Have faith in your own innate abilities. Even when you are a guest in someone's home, you are immediately sizing up the level of comfort or discomfort you feel in this place. Keep in mind that offices also have an energy signature and reflect the persons who work there.

I had more than 20 houses to visit. I quickly deleted properties from my list within minutes of stepping inside the front door. So what should you look for and how can you improve your own home's energy? Here are my thoughts.  

Empty houses will hold energy for a long time, but the shorter the vacancy period, the more profound the energy signature.

Empty houses without residual energy exist, but they have been remodeled.  These are houses which feel like clean slates. I feel them as boring and very empty.

Occupied houses hold the strongest feelings. Even when the personal belongings are hidden, the feelings are on the surface.

Divorce leaves a black hole.  Even if  I like the floor plan of a  house, I will invariably reject it because it often holds anger and this translates into a heavy vibration. Anger and fighting within a structure also feels dysfunctional.  Have you been a guest in a home and immediately looked for an early opportunity to leave?  This is a good indication that problems exist.

In my recent house hunt I rejected about 12 houses very quickly. My real state agent couldn't understand my selection process! When I entered the 13th house I was standing  in the hallway without going one step into the interior and declared to my husband--- ok, this is it. I want this one. After touring the house it was clear that we needed to  strip lots of wall paper and do quite a bit of other work but I felt the warm and loving energy of  family within those walls. I felt love. I knew nothing about the residents until after we signed a contract and my husband shared a letter they had written and left on the kitchen counter. They were elderly and had moved into an Assisted Living facility.  They wrote about the many years they had raised their family in this house and how hard it was for them to leave.  They mentioned the happy moments and the children that were born and raised in the home.    I knew that my husband and I  had made the right decision and would feel right at home the day the moving truck pulled up to the curb.

I was curious to discuss this with Saint Germain. He told me this change in location was coming and our re-location would be successful.   Here is part of our conversation.

Saint Germain said," All structures can hold energy for a long time as evidenced by spirits seen and noticed in very old homes. A soul can refuse to leave. Many attempts are made by their guides and angels to bring them into the light. Often a person like yourself can assist as well."

I asked him to explain how one could clear the home of negative residual energy.

Saint Germain- This is very individual you see. Some places require immediate action in sending a lost soul to the light.  A dialog between the new owner and spirit is required. You can do this (he was referring to me and I have done this successfully in the past).  He continued-- "the new inhabitants must bring in love and  they must possess such emotions. Place Holy objects in the space. Bring love and laughter, joy and beauty. Fill the home with living things which are powerful cleansing agents. Meditate and pray for a happy home."

I asked Saint Germain if sound was effective in energy clearing.

Saint Gemain- Sound is helpful when there is an attachment to the space-- either the dis-embodied spirit remains, or a living being is still attached to the home and is sending its anger into the space as a result of being displaced. 

On a Personal note- I will miss all of you in the greater Baltimore area. I will be  living in Centerville, Ohio which is south of Dayton and about 40 minutes north of Cincinnati.  I  will be continuing with my work and will begin to do readings for clients again around the middle of  September. if you have worked with me in my Maryland office I am still available by telephone.  I know some of you like the one on one contact but  I use a conference line to do readings for people all over the United States and in some foreign countries. Saint Germain always knows who you are.  Blessings to you all.    Love, Jane










Animals as Spiritual Beings

My husband Don and I own a 4-year-old Border Collie named Sissy. Sissy is definitely the queen of the house.  You can see her in the picture above.   I had the urge one day to speak to Saint Germain about animals. It was a lovely discussion with him.  The beginning of the conversation began after I saw Saint Germain and Jeshua surrounded with animals.  Jeshua had a lamb. My previous dog, Sage, who is in spirit dragged my pink bathrobe into this scene!

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Curses and Spirit Attachments

Halloween is a proper time to talk about curses and spirit attachments. As a trained shaman and spiritual medium, I am often consulted about this subject.  Many people are sure that their lives are destroyed by a recent curse or even one dating back in their family’s history.  There is a certain drama attached to the conversation about this subject.   I can almost see the closed doors and whispers.

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Angel Stories

I love angel stories. The older I get the more aware I am of the incredible presence of Angels and guides in our lives. I say this all the time – – there are more of them than us-- never hesitate to ask for help.

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Art is Prayer-Art Journaling

There was point in my life when I realized that art and spirituality would be inseparable for me. Here is the story:

I was sitting in the library where I was attending art school. I was studying art history in one of those small cubicles, and I said to myself with some frustration, “when will I be able to express my deep love and connection to the spiritual world using my art?” Immediately a loud voice responded, “concentrate on technique and the expression of your deeper beliefs will emerge in your art.”

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I will begin with the subject of forgiveness and end with a question from a reader.

I am a longtime student of the "Course in Miracles," and one of my favorite phrases in the book is “forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.”  The topic of forgiveness came up in one of my recent channeling sessions.  There were four words used in describing forgiveness and those words were harmony, love, light and forgiveness. St. Germain says,

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The Prayer Circle

Question of the week: St. Germain is willing to answer at least one question  from my subscribers each time I post.  This week the question comes from a woman who feels as if  she has experienced  moments  of altered reality or déjà vu.( having a strong sensation that an event being experienced now has happened in the past.)

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Engaging Change

Change is an important word this time of year. As the New Year begins we ask ourselves—what needs to change  in our life now?  2014 represents momentous change for me personally as I leave corporate America and become a full-time healer.  All change is difficult and I would not be honest if I told you otherwise. Even with great support from spirit, I have required lots of  encouragement and the use of powerful shamanic tools to bring me to my change (in my life).

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Connecting with Loved Ones who have Crossed Over

I am sharing a personal story with you. Last April when I was in Ireland I visited the shrine of St. Bridget. I have always felt very close to this Saint. I am a dual citizen--both United States and Ireland, and so it seems very natural that I have always loved her. I have visited a number of shrines dedicated to St. Bridget, however on this visit I was with about 20 other women, some shamans like myself. We planned to leave an offering at the shrine and then journey outdoors using the drums.

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Thanksgiving and Family

This post is my Thanksgiving gift to you.  I asked Saint Germain, who is the ascended master who speaks through me to speak about family relationships, and particularly how families come together in this lifetime.   I work with many people who have been challenged by relationships with close family members. I thought it would be proper, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, to post this deeply moving channeling session. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful in your own lives.

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