A Past Life Story

I have always been interested in reincarnation and the remembrance of past lives. I will share a past life story and some of Saint Germain’s comments on this subject. But first I will tell you about my own personal experience.

I was in my early 30’s with two small children and I had serious back pain due to a fall in a bathtub. I was attending nursing school and working as a nursing assistant in a local nursing home.  A diagnostic test showed a ruptured disc and my doctor wanted to try a new out-patient procedure to shrink  the disc. Unfortunately, the procedure did not go well and I ended up with an infection and spent a month in the hospital and almost a year in bed.

A family member located a neurosurgeon in Boston. He was the best in the area and I went to see him.  He immediately asked me if we knew each other because I seemed familiar to him. He kept probing—surely we know each other? I answered no, but in my heart I felt the same way. On a deep soul level I was experiencing the powerful feeling of déjà vu.

Note – Déjà vu is the feeling that one has seen or heard something before.  It can also be triggered by a person you meet who you have  previously known.

This physician ended up operating on my back.  His colleagues did not support the surgical decision  because the imaging of my spine did not show the original problem, which was a ruptured disc. He decided based on my pain, and his intuition to go ahead with the surgery anyway.  He discovered that the disc had ruptured into a million pieces in the first procedure -- the second operation lasted more than 6 hours. The pieces of the disc  were under the nerve roots.  Following surgery my pain was gone. My doctor, who was still trying to discover where we knew each other, said to me, "Jane, you would have ended up in a wheel chair with permanent disability had we not moved forward with the surgery."

A few months after my recovery a friend, knowing the story and the powerful déjà vu I and the doctor both experienced, suggested I have a past life regression.  In the past life regression I discovered that I had, in fact, known my doctor in a past life.   The hypnotist put me deeply under and asked that I describe the clothes I was wearing. I saw sandals and the bare hairy legs of a man.  He had a short white garment on with a sash.  I could smell and hear. I was in a marketplace and then moved to a large room where I was in charge of other men writing on scrolls.  I saw my home and walked on a cliff overlooking rocky cliffs towering above the ocean.

So here is the rest of the story. My doctor in this life-time was my step-father in a previous one.  He lived to a very old age. My mother had died.   I cared for him until he died.   He gifted me back with my health—going beyond the advice of all the other medical specialists in re-payment for the kindness I showed to him.

I have asked Saint Germain about past lives.  There is a record of all our past lives in the spiritual dimension.   This record  is the Akashic records. We also have a Council of Guides that oversee our progress during physical life.

Here is some of my dialog with Saint Germain:

He says we come here with a list of things to do.

Jane-  "Do we actually arrive as babies with a list of tasks?"

Saint Germain- "As you live your life, and this is very short in physical terms, you are prompted to remember your lessons for this body and mind. As we have discussed before, each has been given guides and angels who know the larger purpose is to bring forth the remembrance of the lessons. Many do not see or have any recollection in a particular incarnation of their purpose."

Jane- " So our lives are planned and not spontaneous?"

Saint Germain- "This is a grand plan and one which offers spontaneity as well. All plans may be modified, neglected, or adopted by the soul’s desire."

Jane – "How does this plan happen?"

Saint Germain- "All souls have a team— soul teachers that work out the details  of a lifetime with your help."

Jane- "It sounds like a lot of counseling?"

Saint Germain –"yes, and with great love and compassion for the plan. A plan may be quite challenging– all is done with the greatest love and all souls understand the work ahead."


A now a question from one  my readers!!   I thought this was a great question!

What is an orb?

St. Germain – "These phenomena as some refer to it is now emerging into the light as more of you raise your consciousness and begin to see and feel the presence of these beings. As you know, all of you are surrounded and protected by angelic beings that have offered support to you before birth. These orbs or circles as you see them, contain the help available for all. And so, they are spiritual beings, not from another dimension, but those available to you for your protection and enlightenment. You may call on them any time. You may ask that they show themselves to you at any time."

Jane –" I have noticed St. Germain that the interior of these circles has distinctive patterns and colors can you tell me more about this?"

St. Germain –" Each being, like you has gifts and a certain personality–not of the body, but of the spirit. The inner beauty seen is a  reflection of you as well as the beings themselves."

Jane –" So they are intelligent beings in their own right, and a reflection of the humans they are attracted to?

St. Germain –"No, not necessarily. It is a mutual arrangement of respect and service."

Jane –" Can I see THEM on my camera?  (  Special note--The caps on THEM was not planned. As I was transcribing this material using speech software it switched to caps and right back to lower letters)."

St. Germain – "You may, and have already seen them. Call and they will come to you immediately."

I hope you enjoyed this post. Send me your questions and will answer at least one here.     I send my love out to all of you!  Jane