Death, What is It? A New Book coming soon!

I have just completed my third book called, Death What Is It?   The cover is being designed and  the book will be available for purchase this fall.

 The book contains many personal stories of death. Saint Germain facilitated my interviews with souls who agreed to talk to me from the other side.  As with any book, it was a labor of love. Some of the personal stories brought me to tears; however, death is just another event in the history of our souls. This post is just a sample of the upcoming book.  Saint Germain says fear of death gets in the way of life.

 A woman named Ann spoke to me about her death. I am using a fictitious name.  Her sudden death happened during the mass shooting in Las Vegas last year.

Saint Germain said Ann, who is in her early 20’s was present at this event because a friend insisted she join her at the show.  She had other things to do that day, but at the last minute decided to join her friends. This is my conversation; beginning with my questions to Saint Germain, and then speaking to Ann directly.

Jane – Did Ann die instantly?

Saint Germain – Yes, she died very fast. As you know, we often anticipate events such as this; however the shooter was able to hide his intentions.

Jane – I thought the spiritual world could anticipate an event like this?

Saint Germain – No, not always. The guides were watching this particular soul carefully.  (He is referring to the shooter); as he had been rehabilitated and had atoned for past errors in previous lives.  The response from the spiritual world was rapid, but not quick enough to prevent death for all the souls affected. It was an act of great wickedness, and the shooter did not aim at any soul in particular, but randomly pointed his gun. In his own mind, he was killing himself. This was an act related to his desire to depart the physical experience and end his own life.

Saint Germain went on to say the soul of the man who shot and killed so many people might be returned to the universal pool of substance from which all souls are born.  We all come out of this energetic substance.  Saint Germain  continued to say this decision was serious and not common. The  Council of Elders would make the decision about allowing him to let go of his personal soul. 

Saint Germain brought Ann forward to speak to me. Ann is the young woman who died in this event.

Jane – Thank you for speaking to me Ann. When did you know you had died?

Ann- I was in a bubble. I felt okay but there was nothing around me. The people were gone. The noise and music were silent. I was just me floating and it felt wonderful but I was confused.

Jane- What happened next?

Ann- There was a door that opened up in the bubble. Then, I was hugged by a beautiful woman dressed in a lovely pink robe. She put her arms around me and said, “Ann you are home." Then I saw there were others like myself being welcomed.”

Jane- Did they tell you what home meant?

Ann- Yes, there was a gathering of all of us who had died. Then a gentleman sat down with us and explained what had occurred, and told us what to expect next. There were some in the group who were angry and mad.

Jane- What are you doing now?

Ann- I am resting and studying with a small group. We are looking at our past experiences and thinking about another life.

Jane- Are you being encouraged to come back and be born again?

Ann- No, everyone here says to be patient.  There’s no rush.

Jane- What would you like us to know about this experience?

I could feel that she was thinking about my question because there was a pause in the conversation and then she said,

 Ann- Be ready for sudden change. It is so fast. Don’t rely too much on your routine--- do the stuff that’s important to you now. Love your friends and family. This is like being on vacation from my family and I cannot go home. I am okay, but the loss is overwhelming. I am working on this.

Jane- I felt humbled by her words. There was such strong emotion and I could feel it as I listened to what she had to say. I thanked her for speaking with me and then I went back to Saint Germain.

Jane – Can you tell me more about this woman and explain this experience from her perspective? She couldn’t hear anything right after her body died?  correct?

Saint Germain answered, “Yes, this is correct. She was quickly surrounded by angels assigned to her. She was confused but felt very light. There was no pain as the body shell was gone. She was told there has been an accident and many like yourself are going home. She was worried about her friends and family. One of her friends, who accompanied her to this event, was re-united with her and she felt the comfort of another loved one nearby. We allow souls to mingle  together in a group and to be guided to the next step.”

He continued to tell me this  group experience is typical when a large group of people die together.

Jane – How did they cross over?  Did they see a tunnel?

Saint Germain – No, they traveled as a group with their guides and angels. The transport is immediate and each was separated at the healing center in order to sleep. Later, all souls affected by this tragedy were re-united. They will remain together here and have formed a family of sorts. Healing is faster when surrounded by others who have experienced the same event. This is particularly true with traumatic events including sudden loss.

Jane Is this the same thing that happens during a war?

Saint Germain – Yes it is the same. Those who died in Normandy Beach during World War II formed a close family and many were reborn together. 

Souls who have died together in a  major world event often come back as a group in the future. 

Note – Saint Germain said this was true of the Holocaust. It is often that souls that die together in a group event also reincarnate together. In my book I saw this same thing repeated over and over again.

I felt it necessary to ask him about guns since this is one event raising a lot of discussion regarding the right to own and use guns in the United States.

Jane Can you talk a little bit about gun ownership in the United States?  There is a lot of controversy in our country about the right to own and carry guns. Although it is a constitutional right, many would like to see this changed given the number of events in which guns have resulted in the loss of many lives. How do you feel about this, and do guns exist on other worlds outside of earth?

Saint Germain – No guns are required on worlds where souls have outgrown the need to harm one another.

Jane –But what about us?

Saint Germain – It will be a long process. The nature of one’s leaders must change and this is in all countries across the planet earth. The need to control others must die first. The search for power must be replaced with love, kindness, and cooperation. This will come. Many souls chose an earth-based life for the challenges. Some come to shed light where there is none, and others simply to assist in creating small adjustments towards a society based on love and mutual respect. In a “time – based” world this is a slow and steady process.

I hope  you have enjoyed this post and will purchase Death what Is It in the Fall. Thank you for being a part of my  readership.   Blessings, Jane