The Veil Between Spirit and Matter


I have been asked the question many times—is there a veil between the physical and spiritual worlds or is this an illusion? Or, should we call it a vibration?

Saint Germain said, “this word, veil is often used to define the cross roads between spirit and matter. This comes from past experiences when human beings perceived a white substance in relation to spirit contact. The word veil was created at that time.”

 He was referring to the early spiritualists who called in the spirits by asking questions and waiting for the table to move creating a tapping sound.  One tap may have been a yes and two taps a no.  Often it was reported that a cloudy form showed up during these sessions.

Saint Germain continued to say, “There is no such thing as a veil, however, there is a shift in energy between heavy physical matter and the lighter spiritual universe. To access the higher energies here one must have assistance.  (He means the spiritual world has to assist).  He continued,   “As we work together, the veil becomes energetically active. The elements become active and as the Master comes closer the energies transcend matter opening up a channel for communication. As you feel yourself lifting up and hearing the high-pitched sound of eternity I reach down to you.”  

I love the way he defines this high pitched sound as the sound of eternity.  Many mediums hear a high pitched tone like this. You may hear it also if you are an older soul. Some folks think they have tinnitis but the sound comes from outside, not inside. 

He continued to say there is a seamless and integrated mixture of physical and spiritual vibrations.  He said, " the energy of the God presence hovers at a level of 50 feet above you. Some souls have integrated these elements with their own, but most do not know there exists a  boundary between physical matter and spirit."

I asked him to explain what he means by elements?   He said this, "the elements are electrical energy. There is friction created  between slow and rapidly moving particles. It is a natural process."  He reminded me that everything is energy.

He continued to say, "together we meet at the point of separation between matter and spirit."

Jane – So the veil is really an illusion?

Saint Germain said, “Yes indeed. But, illusions are helpful to souls who need a thought form to hold onto. For you this is not necessary. We come together without a thought of any barrier.”

Sometimes it is said, when matter meets spirit there are thin places. There is a sense of a higher vibration when we step between.   I  have often felt this in Ireland --particularly in places near standing stones or in passage tombs.

Jane – Is the veil thinner in different locations across the earth? In other words-- in Ireland--- or let’s say Portugal, or rural locations without many people or physical structures?

Saint Germain said, “Yes, it is thinner if you wish to use these words. For us, it is closer to spiritual manifestation. The land has a higher pitch than the human form. You see, all matter has sound. When there is more land there is a higher vibration and connection to non-material places. So yes, this land of Ireland and all places where nature dominates are energetically more unified with us.”  

He went on to ask me if I felt connection with spirit in the middle of a big city and I had to agree I do not.

The more connection we have with our guides, angels, and Master teachers the easier it becomes to sense and feel this sensitive energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this conversation.   Thank you for being here.   Blessings, Jane