Making the Unconscious Conscious-- Reincarnation and Past Lives

Making the Unconscious Conscious

Learning about your Past Lives

Integrating your past lives with the current moment


Over the course of my life I have come to appreciate the knowledge I’ve acquired about my past lives. In possessing this knowledge, I have come to see myself from a much larger perspective. This is made it possible for me to understand why I have certain interests and tendencies in this life. All our unconscious memories from past lives eventually will trickle upward into our conscious awareness but we can accelerate the process by looking for evidence of the past in our current life and by experiencing a past life regression with a competent therapist.   In this month’s video I share a couple of stories about my own pursuit of this valuable information.  Some people believe that babies are born Tabula Rosa or a blank slate. Anybody who has raised children knows this is untrue.

Not everybody can read the Akashic record like I can. I’ve been taught to do this by St. Germain, and also given permission as well. Being able to read the record didn’t happen until St. Germain came into my life.  The Council of Elders associated with a person receiving a reading is also a part of accessing the records.  They will monitor what I can see and show me areas to avoid.

Everyone can make themselves available for a past life session with a qualified hypnotherapist.  I tell the story on my video of when I was in my early 20’s and had my first experience with past life therapy. At the time it answered so many questions for me about situations that were occurring in my everyday life, but it also started my search for other unconscious memories. Now I am older and have uncovered most of my own past life history. I see a consistent thread providing me information about why I am here today doing the work of a spiritual medium. Everything in my life has led up to this point.

In addition to having this bigger picture of my expanded self, I’m also able to identify signs and connections with other people who have come into my life as a result of some of these past lives. Anything in the past which has not been resolved is presented to us again for resolution. We don’t want to carry any karmic baggage if we can help it. Karma is the word that means past debts. If I was a bad person in the past life and hurt other souls reconciliation or pay back would be necessary in order to move forward into a future life.   Our guides and spiritual teachers actively work with us to bring any situation needing resolution to a sense of closure. Whenever something unusual happens to you, ask the question—- what is the deeper meaning to this? Could this be evidence of something I must resolve from a past life, or is this something that is a gift to me because of the good I have done in my past?

I should add, there have been young children who have told their parents outrageous stories about things that happened to them before they came here. There’s a story about a little boy who died during the war on a well-known ship. I can’t remember the details but it was in the news and they were able to determine and trace his actual name in the previous life and confirm his story.  There are numerous cases like this. Dr. Ian Stevenson was a front runner in the research regarding past lives. Also, Michael Newton who wrote the books Journey of Souls one and two and hypnotically regressed thousands of people brought great credibility to the subject.

Dreams are also sources of past life memories. One of my most memorable lives came to me in a lucid dream.

Thank you for being a part of my spiritual family. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing some of you in my classes. Thank you for all your comments. I also welcome suggestions for future posts.

I’m telling my own story of making my unconscious conscious in my video and there’s a link to it here.