Most religions say we can look forward to everlasting life, but they don’t define what everlasting life means.  Even as a little girl I was questioning the concept of death as a final ending to life.   

 In my spiritual readings I often mention the subconscious mind. This is where all our past life memories are saved. We never lose anything.  The sub-conscious mind is like a bank, and we deposit memories, and later withdraw them. As you move through your daily routine, ideas, images, and thoughts will trickle up from the subconscious to your conscious mind and say, remember this----you have done this before----- pay attention! Saint Germain says each life is like a thread. After we die, the threads of all our lives are carefully woven together so we can see the entire tapestry. Saint Germain says this is done carefully so we won’t feel overwhelmed.

  Many of your personal interests are tied to activities from previous lives. For instance, my interest in religion and spirituality is associated with a number of lifetimes where I was closely associated with the church. It is also true that we come back into a physical body with people we’ve known before. Saint Germain says that there is careful planning to determine who is best suited to live during a certain time period and gain wisdom and additional growth from the experience. This is the reason why we return to physical bodies over and over again – to grow! Sometimes parents are not old souls, but instead, the old souls are the children. So, a parent can actually be learning from their child. Some of you have learned this through your readings with me. 

Past life regression is a process in which a well-trained hypnotherapist takes you back to a previous life so you can actually feel, see, and experience the life as if you are present in that moment.  A regression can be so real that you actually smell, feel, and see those people that are present, as well as the surrounding countryside. I have had about 5 regressions. I sought them out; I have written about one of them when I was in my early 20's. This story is called, A Past Life Story  and was written in May, 2014.  You can see this post by scrolling back to that date. One of my most life changing experiences was to re-member a life as a woman named Lucy who was an unmarried woman in a town called Newcastle Under Lyme in England during the 1800's.   I had a regression a few weeks after seeing the woman through a lucid dream which lasted five nights. ( A lucid dream feels real).   In the dream I saw myself dressed in the clothing of the middle 1800's. It was a very unhappy life. I was an unmarried woman living in this English village, but with my current husband. I was sure it was my current husband because the hypnotherapist asked me if I knew the man and I said yes he was my husband. It’s not possible to lie under hypnosis. The regression gave me the courage to leave the marriage. It was a turning point for me. I realized that I was repeating some of the same behaviors from the past. Remember, your soul’s history has been recorded--- every single detail is in the Akashic Record. 

(The Akashic Record contains the history of all your lives).

When you are aware of a particular life you can re-visit it over and over again to see if you can learn more about the experience. The way to do this is to enter into a meditation.  Sit quietly and breathe until you are very relaxed.  Imagine yourself in a place you have lived before. See yourself in that life.  Purposely merge into the image of your other self.   How do you feel? What is the difference between you and the personality of this past you? Can you tap into any of the memories of this person?   I learned about this technique because it happened to me spontaneously one day. I was meditating and I saw this beautiful church in my meditation. I entered into the church. As I knelt at the altar, a man came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder.  Then he kneeled down beside me and together we faced the altar in prayer. I turned my head to look at him and all of a sudden we merged together and I had a distinct impression of his personality. I could see that we were the same yet different. I am fairly high strung and  I immediately felt different in taking on his sense of calmness. This was his personality.  It was lovely and felt so good. At the same time, I knew that we shared the same soul. I walked through the church as my former self and saw where the man lived and where he worked. I saw this through his eyes. He was a person who repaired some of the religious books. In my current life I have studied calligraphy and loved books.  The pieces always fit.

 I have explored my own past lives under hypnosis.  I’m going to share the names of two people  I’ve worked with. The first is Karen Willis and she is located about midway between Baltimore and Philadelphia.  Karen will also take you to your higher self as part of the regression so that you can see your lives from a broader perspective. What is valuable about a regression is the heightened emotion. You walk away knowing that there is no doubt you were that person. Simply having a dream or spontaneous memory doesn’t give you that same sense of clarity. Karen’s contact information is  Her telephone number is 443-804-3940. You can email her at

In the Dayton area I’ve worked with Victoria Rush Haren.  She is also a spiritual life coach and holistic health practitioner.  You can reach Victoria or at and her website is

In closing I will say this – life is not so simple that we get to live only one life and then die. Our Creator has figured out a better way. We get many opportunities to get our lessons right before we are granted the right to stay in our true home on the other side and be allowed to return to another physical experience.  Once we reach this point there are other levels of initiation where we become more and more spiritually evolved and are given the opportunity to help others from these higher vibrations. If you want to read more about this there are lots of books written by the great trance medium Edgar Cayce. One of my favorites is Reincarnation and Karma.

I welcome your comments and questions.    Blessings to you all and Happy New Year ! Love,Jane