A Matter of Life and Death.

We must accept our death and surrender-- then we can really live! For many of us the thought of death is terrifying. I admit that there was a time in my life when I feared death. It took many years of deep spiritual work to begin to see it differently. When St. Germain came into my life, he moved me past any left over fear by teaching me about physical death and what follows. I would like this to happen for you.

Have an attitude of non-– attachment to your stuff, because you cannot take it with you. Holding on to anything is futile because no physical object travels with you to the invisible realm. Only invisible things like love and your  good deeds travel with you.

I have received great support with this issue from having read and studied The Course in Miracles. This is a book in which Jesus spoke through the channel Helen Schucman.  She was a professor at Columbia University in New York. She was assisted by William Thetford in transcribing the material into book form. The first lesson in the book says, "nothing I see means anything." Then it instructs one to look at all the objects in the room and say, this door does not mean anything – – this desk does not mean anything – – and so forth, until every material object in the room has been spoken. This is the beginning of many lessons teaching us that material things are very unimportant.

Know that physical death separates you from your loved ones temporarily, not permanently. Deceased loved ones will try to communicate with those of us here on earth through dreams or signs. As a medium, I sometimes see a loved one when I am doing a reading for a client, but it is not guaranteed.

So what does St. Germain say about this subject? I will share some of my conversations with him.

Jane – St. Germain, please tell me what happens the moment we die?

St. Germain responds, " one will experience and create what is desired on the spirit side. Death is easier than birth. Once the soul leaves his/her body, they  move on to a level best suited to their spiritual understanding, and where the soul can continue to grow. If food is desired it will be available. The soul creates reality instantly. In your current earth – bound place, the same is true, however, the denser energy of the body restricts the instant gratification of one's thoughts."

Jane – Do our departed friends and family in the spiritual realm check in with us? Do they see the intimate details of our lives?

St. Germain – "Yes, they are taught this skill very quickly, and can do this without fear or sadness. No connection is restricted, however, very few souls choose to see the intimate details continuing on in the physical world. Life is busy and challenging here. There is work for all, particularly in assisting souls to transition from their physical deaths. One must realize that once over the threshold (between Earth and spirit), the interest in material things and events of the physical world are pale in comparison to the enticement offered in spirit.

I asked him where the spirit world is located and he said, "the space is superimposed upon the physical plane, but only sensitive persons can feel it. Spirit is energy and does not take up space, it is, therefore, not moving up but remains in the layers where it was embodied."

I told him that I found this a difficult concept and asked further – – does one just drop the body and the energy will be still present? He answered," the energy remains close to the body for at least the number of days it takes to dispose of the body and for the support team assigned to the soul to lead them to the invisible realm where they are instructed to review their past experience. This is not a place, but a dimension of space close to you  vibrationally.

I hope this post may have helped you to feel peace when considering the loss all loved one. As I understand it from many lessons with the Master,Saint Germain there is a divine plan which operates in perfect order.

Thank you for your attention to this information  and please feel free to comment below.   Love, Jane