Animals as Spiritual Beings

My husband Don and I own a 4-year-old Border Collie named Sissy. Sissy is definitely the queen of the house.  You can see her in the picture above.   I had the urge one day to speak to Saint Germain about animals. It was a lovely discussion with him.  The beginning of the conversation began after I saw Saint Germain and Jeshua surrounded with animals.  Jeshua had a lamb. My previous dog, Sage, who is in spirit dragged my pink bathrobe into this scene!

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My Mother's Question

This post began with a question from my mother. She asked me about the afterlife experience of my father who died in 2004. Her questions were very detailed.

For some reason  death receives more attention around the Christmas holidays. Maybe we instinctively feel that it is not right or fair that God would take someone away from us at this time of celebration and so any loss  feels potent.

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A Matter of Life and Death.

We must accept our death and surrender-- then we can really live! For many of us the thought of death is terrifying. I admit that there was a time in my life when I feared death. It took many years of deep spiritual work to begin to see it differently. When St. Germain came into my life, he moved me past any left over fear by teaching me about physical death and what follows. I would like this to happen for you.

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