Soul Contracts

I work with many people and couples in the middle of a relationship crisis. This is one of the most difficult situations in anyone’s life, and next to parental relationships offers one of the biggest opportunities for spiritual growth. As a reminder—you choose your close family relationships before birth. I write about this in the post titled, “Thanksgiving and Family.” Some of our relationships are bound by a soul contract, which is a serious commitment to connect with a certain soul and to continue the relationship from an earlier life. The purpose may be to tie up loose ends from this life, serve as a teacher for the other person, or start a new project together.  These contracts are not legally bound by physical laws and supersede marital vows and gender.

During a reading I often ask Saint Germain for guidance about the source of any relationship problem. Often soul contracts come up and he has never failed to offer the information necessary to shed light on the reasons behind them.

Saint Germain says,

“All souls have contracts of some sort. The one in which a partner of love is concerned is the most powerful, and brings the greatest potential for spiritual growth. All issues and situations between the partners must be handled with the gloves of love.

I asked Saint Germain to clarify the meaning of this phrase--gloves of love, and he said a glove when worn touches all things, and so should love. I love the metaphor!

I asked how we would know if a particular relationship  is linked to a soul contract.  He answered saying we must be alert to hear the call of this powerful union. The emotional body, he said, will either pull us toward the other person or repel us.

I asked about the possibility that someone might be drawn toward an individual with serious problems:

” Yes, this can occur. An unrelenting compulsion to be with a negative person may be a sign and should be considered. The most powerful lessons are learned in difficult relationships. These are gifts to the soul.

He went on to say that sexual attraction alone is probably not a sign of a soul contract. The wish to connect has to be broader and based on a need to be with the person outside of the sexual needs.

When you agree to this contract, your Angels and Guides will do everything in their power to make sure you make the connection with the partner. It is a strong pull. If you are an old soul and spiritually awake, you will recognize the person when they step upon your life’s stage. You will know on a deep level that the relationship is important and not an accident. There may be a strong feeling of déjà vu (the sense of having known the person before despite no real proof of it) when you meet them for the first time. Even if there is a dysfunctional part of the relationship, this could be bringing forward the most powerful lessons.

If you are in a relationship where there was no prior agreement, and another person enters your life who is a real soul partner, separation and divorce are likely.

When I was 16 and in High School, a boy walked by my table in the cafeteria and I heard a voice say “this is the person you will marry.”  I had just started recognizing my clairaudient abilities but I still scoffed at it thinking it was my mind. I did marry this boy and we had 2 children. The marriage ended after 24 years of marriage. It was a soul contract based on an event we shared in a earlier life.

If you are now in a soul contract with another person who has broken it, you are free to leave and it will not affect your soul’s growth.  However, if your partner is still “in the game,” you should try uncovering the deeper reasons for the contract.   Ask the following questions?

Spiritually speaking am I the older soul? Could I be my partner’s teacher?  Or, conversely, could they be my teacher?

What have I learned in this relationship so far?  Have I embraced forgiveness, patience, self-reliance, or compassion? Am I a better person since connecting with this soul?

Does our relationship feel like a child to child or parent to child instead of an adult to adult?  Sometimes roles reverse from an earlier life and the interactions in this life are following the previous patterns.

Are we together to set an example for others in our family? Is this part of the arrangement?

It is important to succeed at the contract so that we don’t have to repeat the relationship again. Look deeper into your partnership and try to see it from a spiritual perspective.  Ask your guide and Angels for help. Don’t make quick decisions. Ask yourself this question—do I want to repeat this relationship again?  We do, however, have free will and so either honoring or walking away from a contract is completely up to us.

Saint Germain closed our channeling session by saying,

“Bless all souls in relationship with another for no greater work exists for the soul. Know that you and your partner are embraced by heavenly light and protection. Seek not the empowerment of yourself, but instead the needs and desires of your partner and the closure of this contract in this life-time will be successful and bring growth to the future path of your soul. Be love and give love. Amen


If you are looking for guidance in relationships a reading is very helpful.  Saint Germain will tell us if there is or is not a prior contract set into place. Just knowing a small part of this story can change the way you go forward with the partner in your life.

I love your comments and questions.  Let me know if this information was helpful to you. Blessing to you all, Jane