Council of Elders

In my readings I often see and speak with members of a group commonly called The Council of Elders or Karmic Board. These spirits step forward to comment of on an individual’s progress in this life-time. They often stand behind the individual’s Book of Life or Akashic Record. The book is a record of every life-time.  I decided to converse with Saint Germain about this group and ask specific questions about their relationship with us. It was one of the most interesting dialogues I have had with Saint Germain in the past few months. I hope you enjoy it. You will see here that you are deeply loved and guided.  This is the real conversation with a few of my comments. Jane – St. Germain, can you tell me more about this group called the Council of Elders? I know that each soul  is watched and guided by a group with this name. How large is this group?

St. Germain – The size varies depending upon the requirements of the individual soul. The council oversees all the activities taking place in the life of the one they are responsible for.

Jane – Does each council supervise one soul or many?

St. Germain responded that there is only one soul per council. I was quite amazed by this information because it tells us that there is a lot of personal attention. Can you imagine that there is a group of spirits dedicated only to you?

Jane – Who are the members of this council?

St. Germain – Members come from the higher vibrational levels and are required to participate on a Council.

Jane – Do council members work with our spiritual guides?

St. Germain – Yes, this is a partnership. The Guardian Angels and Masters like me participate as well

Jane – Can we call on our Council members as we do our personal guides?

St. Germain – Yes, one may speak to them. Simply want the communication and this opens up the portal. . Very few people realize they have this support group. Few realize how deeply love and guided they are.

I hope that all of my readers will read that last sentence again and become aware of your own support group.

Jane – Do we have the same Council throughout all of our lives?

St. Germain- In most cases the Council stays the same throughout many lives. In other situations, the Council rotates members, or makes minor adjustments.

Jane – How is one person paired up with a Council?

St. Germain- It is a mutual decision made after the first lifetime. Prior to the first life, the Council is a temporary one and this is true of all new souls. Once a single life has been lived fully, a Council is formed by us. It is not a democracy, although your requests are considered.

Jane – I asked St. Germain to comment on the gender of the council because during a reading I often see both female and male figures.

St. Germain – There are no genders here, but for the purpose of communication the outer spiritual body reflects the gender most comfortable for the soul serving on the Council.

Jane – Is there any other term used to describe this group of beings?

St. Germain – It is also called the conclave of loved guardians by us here.

Jane – When one dies and comes over to the spiritual side, is the Council the first group of people we see?

St. Germain – They are the first or the second. One is allowed a greeting period when all loved ones gather to greet you and welcome the new one to this place which is home. Then, the Council elder takes you to the gathering and all rejoice in the reunion. The next steps are agreed upon by all. These are rest, review of the past life, or conversation. There is no time here – no rush. Everything flows in perfect order.

Jane – I have heard that there is a life review. I have always wondered how this happens?

Saint. Germain – This experience is real. One steps into a previous moment that feels real. You are prepared for the experience by practicing the entering and exiting. It is like a small theater. Some souls want only a small taste of the experience, and others spend more time learning from the play.

Jane – Are we required to go through a life review?

St. Germain – Yes, however one must choose to simply view the play and then move on, or enter the scene and make changes in it.

Jane – What are we encouraged to do in this situation? In other words, what is the best decision in viewing the past life?

St. Germain – You are encouraged to watch the life – and then, attempt to step into the scenes of the life that have been difficult and challenging. You are encouraged to re-enter a particular moment with a different approach – that of love. This teaches you that there could have been a different outcome.

Jane – How do the Council members see us? How do they follow us while we are here in the body?

St. Germain-They see you in real-time but only with your permission. This is a subtle understanding between you and them. They are linked to your energy and thus, they know when checking in with you is important.

For more information upon the Council of elders and what happens when we die I often suggest reading the books by Michael Newton. There are two great books Journey of Souls one and two.

If you have any questions and would like me to write about them send the question to me at either or and I will consider speaking to St. Germain and writing about it for a future post. This is confidential ofcourse.

I love to see your comments and I appreciate and send love to all of you who are reading these words.   Sincerely, Jane