My Mother's Question

This post began with a question from my mother. She asked me about the afterlife experience of my father who died in 2004. Her questions were very detailed.

For some reason  death receives more attention around the Christmas holidays. Maybe we instinctively feel that it is not right or fair that God would take someone away from us at this time of celebration and so any loss  feels potent.   This year I lost my oldest  friend and my husband’s co-worker lost his wife to a fatal fall. On top of that, on December 20, 2004 my father passed into spirit.   Our family mourns him again—always at Christmas. My mother who is a devout Catholic and still trying to understand my viewpoint about the after-life asked me this question—what exactly happens when we die.   I decided to place  her questions before the Ascended Master Saint Germain..

Last year I wrote a post entitled " Death" in which Saint Germain answered some of these questions, however, I went back to the Master and got very specific so that my mother would understand. I share the conversation with you.

I began with a question which I wanted to make clear for myself.   Here is the entire transcript.

Jane- Is consciousness separate from the mind?

Saint Germain- Consciousness  connects to the soul, not to the mind. Mind  connects to the body. The Mind and the brain are one.

Jane - How do thoughts fit in here?

Saint Germain- Thoughts are tied to both, but not dependent on the mind you see. Consciousness and thoughts do not need the mind, but while one exists within the body thoughts  filter through the mind. This, with the denser energy of the physical arena is what makes the result of one’s thoughts so slow to emerge.  While in the body the mind is the greater spokesperson. The brain is the mechanical apparatus that gives the facts to the greater mind. Consciousness surrounds the mind and brain and upon death easily breaks away. During sleep your consciousness separates but there remains a connection. This is the cord which holds spirit and body together.

Jane- Please tell me exactly what happens when we die?

Saint Germain- This is a question that varies from soul to soul you see. There are those who experience deep shock upon the transition. There are those here who specialize in handling this situation and do not allow that to stay.  Comfort and peace replace any fear and shock very quickly.

Jane – Acceptance then comes very quickly?

Saint Germain-Not always quickly but there is great care of the soul.  Love supports the consciousness  and begins to assimilate the experience of being here.

Jane- Does a soul who crosses over have a place to live?  Can they eat? Is my father, who loved to ride a bicycle doing that now?   These are the questions asked by my mother.

Saint Germain- Each soul is quite unique and requires a different environment to learn the lessons waiting then here. Your father has chosen a real physical environment. He was able to find comfort by creating a familiar looking home. He does use a bicycle to visit all the places he previously visited while in the body.

Jane – Does he see other souls who are in spirit with him and do they know they are in spirit?

Saint Germain- In this vibrational plain there  may exist an overlap of spirit and form. So, your father chooses to travel to a particular place and he does this instantly. There are shifts in the vibrational wave that cause the physical and spiritual energies to collide. He will feel this as he travels. This is natural and more likely to occur in certain places.

I thought this was fascinating—that there is a wave and that physical and spiritual planes intersect.

Jane- Can you be more specific about the particular locations where this may happen?

St. Germain – It is easier to have an intersection between the two worlds in places where there are deep spiritual connections and open spaces. These are open areas where land and water meet. They are not large cities including many souls and intense physical energies.

Jane – Has my father been to Paris since he died? Has he renewed friendships?

St. Germain – Yes-this is almost always true and spirits can acknowledge other spirits and form friendships. Guides travel with each soul.

Jane – If I were in spirit can I actually drink a glass of wine?

St. Germain – Yes, this is possible and necessary for some who need a connection with the physical dimension.

Jane – can they actually taste food?

St. Germain- Yes if they wish to have this flavor and aroma. It comes from the memory in their consciousness.

Jane – does everything there seem very solid? What about me – would that be the place that I would go?

Saint Germain- Your experience would be unique to you as an older soul who works with us. Your desire here will be to engage in the discussions and study groups. You will not need and image of a place or object.

Jane- What does this place at the higher vibrations look like?

Saint Germain- You will see it as a lovely place with open fields and flowers. There is a light and energy that allows one to float between the consciousness of others with whom you desire connection. The discussions are deep and led by those like myself.

Jane- Can those in spirit tune in to their families and understand what is going on in their lives?

Saint Germain responded that how much they see is carefully monitored based on their ability to handle the events.  He went on to say my father starts his day with a moment of looking in and seeing his family here. Saint Germain commented, “He has no concerns knowing that the separation is very short.”

As a summary—The afterlife is not the same for all of us as a group.  It appears that we can create what ever it is we wish and these experiences pull from consciousness  which has memories of the last life-time.We choose a more physical or less physical experience--  it is all tailored to the person.

I hope this gives my mother peace and you as well.  The continuation of consciousness is one of the greatest truths we fail to hear often enough from the established churches. Withholding this information does not make this a better world. There is a heaven unique to each of our needs.  We all get a ticket there and walk through the arrival terminals. We also, get a return flight which is based on your desire to have a particular new life experience. How wonderful is this to know!


Happy 2015-- Blessings to you all.  Thank you  for being here!