Ancient Eygpt

Eygpt Pyramids

I have always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt.  I had a life time in this country during the reign of Amenhotep the first.   It was a short life.  When one of my readers asked me  to  ask Saint Germain about the great pyramid I was happy to pose the question. Here is the conversation.

Jane-    How old is the great pyramid?

St. Germain – This is a question asked by many. The great pyramid is ancient. It was built 4550 years before Jesus walked on the earth.

Jane –Was this pyramid built by ancient aliens?

St. Germain – Yes, as we have discussed before there has been great interest in seeing the world progress in a way served by higher and more learned souls. The pyramids were part of a plan to mark the earth with a signature you see – a symbol seen from the outer rim of your galaxy. So the pyramid was a beacon – a shape, recognized by those who had interest in your world.

Jane – I asked him to comment on the Sphinx?

St. Germain – This was also built by the same aliens, as you call them, prior to the pyramids by 300 to 400 earth years. It was still unfinished when the pyramids were begun. The face  has changed and more than once. Originally the face was a rendition of God designed by beings from other worlds. The face was modified to reflect  the current leaders Eygpt.  This happened many times.

Jane – I asked about the Hall of Records and mentioned that Edgar Cayce  had said that there was such a thing underneath the Sphinx

St. Germain – Yes, he was correct and this will be located in the next decade. The records are sensitive and contain the history of your planet prior to the start of the building. Atlantis is described and parts of its culture preserved. The names and locations of those souls from other worlds who participated in building Egypt and preserving the Atlantis Scriptures are documented. The hall will be opened by a chosen soul and one who will share the contents of this discovery with the world in a special way.

Jane – I made a comment that world governments have no interest in having the people know that there are aliens from other worlds who participated in our culture?

St. Germain- Yes, that is true and why the person with the task of revealing such information must be one who is greatly respected by the world. It is a declaration that you are not alone. Most souls on the planet already know this, or suspect it is true do they not?

I commented that possibly there would be a power struggle or some fear that aliens would take over our world?

St. Germain-  Understood.  As I have told you before these civilizations – including members of the Galactic Council, do not have the wish to rule earth. These souls are ancient and know their connection to the universal energy we call God. They practice love in every encounter and see the souls on earth as young children. The revelation of Egypt’s greatest secrets have yet to be revealed.

Jane – I asked him  if I would see this happen in my lifetime?

St. Germain – yes, you will witness this and it will change the entire planet for the better. This is a large step for the planet's growth.

Thank you for your questions.    Remember as you go out in the world each day that you are  a Holy Spirit guided by an entourage of other Holy Spirits.