Spiritual Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct for a Disciple of the Holy Spirit


I am sharing one of my favorite parts of the book called The Gnosis and the Law. The book was published in 1972 and written by a gentleman by the name of Tellis S. Papastavro. This code of conduct reminds me of the 10 Commandments we are all familiar with. The code of conduct was given to Tellis, the author, by an Ascended Master named Maha Chohan.  There is more about Maha Chohan at the end of this piece. When I first read the Code of Conduct I was in love with it immediately. I have changed some of the words, to make it easier to read and understand.  I will go down the list and give you my thoughts. My thoughts and conversation with Saint Germain are in italic.

1.     Be conscious always that you aspire to the fullest expression of God, and devote all your being and service to that end, as expressed so ably in the first commandment.   The first commandment is of course you shall have no other gods before me. This is very easy to understand and God comes before all else in our lives.

2.     Learn the lesson of harmlessness; neither by word nor thought, or feeling inflict evil upon any part of life.  Know that action and physical violence are but the lesser part of the sin of harmful expression. What he means here by harmful expression is—say what you mean. Beware of those individuals who speak peace and love but in their hearts they have a personal agenda of deception. It is also means one must not to bring false witness against your brother.

3.       Do not stir a Brother’s sea of emotion, thoughtlessly or deliberately. Know that the storm in which you place his spirit will sooner or later flow upon the bank of your own life stream – rather than to bring tranquility to life, and he as the Psalmist so ably puts it “oil on the troubled waters.”  We should take care what we say to others because it will come back to us in ways that will bring pain in our own lives.   “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

4.      Dis-associate yourself from the personal delusion. Let self – justification never reveal that you love the self more than the harmony of the universe. If you are right, there is no need to claim it; if you are wrong, pray for forgiveness. Watching the self, you will find the rising tides of indignation among the more subtle shadows on the path of Right, called “self – righteousness.”   This addresses the ego-- the part of us that is not spirit but linked to the physical experience-- the ego wants to be right and often overlooks the bigger picture or the feelings of other souls.  In the commandments Thou shall not make false idols.

5.     Walk gently through the Universe, knowing that the body is a Temple in which dwells the Holy Spirit that brings peace and illumination to life everywhere. Keep your Temple always in a respectful and cleanly manner as befitting the habitation of the Spirit of Truth. Respect and honor in gentle dignity all other Temples Knowing that often within a crude exterior burns a greater Light.   Our bodies are the Temple and should be treated as the place where God is present. God is not outside of ourselves and is within all sentient beings.

6.     In the presence of Nature, absorb the beauties and gifts of her kingdom in gentle gratitude. Do not desecrate Her by vile thoughts or emotions, or by physical acts that despoil her virgin beauty.  We are called to care for our planet.

7.      Do not form, or offer opinions unless invited to do so, and then only after prayer in silent invocation for guidance. This is a challenge- We have all been tested on this.  It is another aspect of the ego—“I know the answer better than you!”  

I asked St. Germain to comment on the code and somehow we ended in a discussion about number 7.  I mentioned to St. Germain --in our very fast-paced society where conversations take place constantly there is no time  to think or pray before certain encounters? I also mentioned a personal encounter I had with a friend that ended very poorly after both of us had declared our opinions about a controversial subject. 

St. Germain – It is shameful when one’s environment moves at such a rapid pace that there is little time to consider one’s words. Words are powerful and are also symbols. Thoughts and words together form energy that either sinks low or floats to a higher level. I will say this – always take your time in any encounter with another soul – old souls are given the responsibility to act with precision of thoughts and words – to be in a situation of peace and deep respect for the level of the one you are dealing with.  In this case, a soul, who requires knowledge and wisdom to ascend, must communicate with love, and engage all souls with this energy regardless of differences of opinion.

Jane – When our friends and associates pull us down perhaps we should pull back from the connection?

St. Germain – Yes, this is a better plan when there is un-balanced energy between the two, however, one must love and support all regardless of their soul’s classroom.  However, one does not have to maintain a close bond.

We went back to my engagement with my friend and I told him how deeply saddened I was that I misspoke and offered my opinion in a way that created separation between us.

St. Germain responded by saying, " you are in the realization of having stepped over the line so to speak, and your understanding is unique among most would not acknowledge the mistake.

The Code Continues......................................

  8.     Speak when God chooses to say something through you. At other times, remain           peacefully silent.  God does speak through us and we have to discern the difference between    our own mind and the higher vibrations of spirit.

9.     Make the ritual of your life the observance of God’s rules so unobtrusive that no man shall know that you aspire to Godliness, lest the force of his outer will be pitted against you, or your service become tinged with pride.  This tells us to walk quietly with our beliefs

10.   Let your heart be a song of gratitude that the Most High has given into your keeping the spirit of life which, through you, chooses to widen the borders of His Kingdom. We should, through the way we live our lives be an example to others so that more souls will begin to know this Universal energy called God; that is within all of us.

11.   Be alert always to be in use of your faculties and gifts loaned to you by the Father of all Life, in a manner to extend His Kingdom.  This is for all of us because each person has the gifts of spirit. Those who work directly with the spiritual world to help others must be careful to extend the gifts appropriately and with due diligence to the truth.

12.   Claim nothing for yourself, neither powers nor principalities, any more than you claim the air you breathe or the Sun; using them freely, but knowing the God – ownership of all.  Everything is of God and even the land we think we own is only a loan! All that we have and hold dear is through the grace of God.

13.    In speech and action, be gentle, but with the dignity that always accompanies the Presence of the Living God that is within the Temple.  Speak as if God is using you all the time.

14.   Constantly place all of the faculties of your being, and all the inner unfoldment of your nature, at the feet of the God – power, especially when endeavoring to manifest perfection through one in distress.   Wake up each morning giving thanks and ask God to work through you to help those who are in need.

15.   Let your watch words be gentleness, humility, and loving service, but do not allow the impression of humility to be mistaken for lethargy. The servant of the Lord, like the sun in the Heavens, is eternally vigilant and constantly outpouring the gifts which are of his particular keeping.  We must watch our thoughts and words and always be aware that just as God gives to us, we share these gifts with others.

Jane – is there anything else you would like to say about the code?

St. Germain – It is a powerful list of actions to live by is it not? Put this in a place where it can be read frequently. Grade yourself on meeting it's expectations. Once this code is mastered, a soul ascends – this is how powerful this energy is my dear.

What do you think of this Code?  I would love to hear from you.  If you read the book you will find that this Code is towards the back and is followed by a discussion of Ascension. Mastering this code is a requirement for Ascension. When we ascend there is no need to return to the physical experience. 

Maha Chohan is what Saint Germain describes as the President of the Ascended Masters.   Saint Germain says of him,"  He is the one who holds the light for all working in the divine at the highest level.  He goes on to say, just as we need leadership on the physical plane it is also needed in spirit.