Saint Germain, Chohan of the 7th Ray


This post begins a series of conversations with the Ascended Masters. Of course have to begin with Saint Germain who is my master teacher and the director of the Seventh Ray which carries the energy of the Violet Flame.

Jane – Does the seventh ray represent spiritual freedom?

Saint Germain – Yes my dear.  I am the Chohan of the seventh ray and as such have the responsibility to bring truth to mankind. I am a teacher and therefore I reach out to my students, and in your case, protégé, to extend my message to a larger audience. The universe is breathtaking in respect to what is perceived with a limited sense of vision. The extent of the energy, love, and light, extends beyond what most can perceive.

( Chohan means lord or director)

Jane – As the keeper of the Violet Flame, is this available to all who choose to use it, or only for certain individuals?

Saint Germain – All are given the use of the Violet Flame as a gift. All masters will share certain vibrations with embodied souls. To invoke the flame is only necessary to call it into your energy field. Sit quietly in a meditative state and request assistance. Simply allow the vibrations to do the rest. It is like a shower of radiance which clears the negative emotions. Very few souls are aware that they have access to this power. This is shared freely.

Jane – Is a true that the seventh ray is responsible for developing a new religion?

Saint Germain – This is not as simple as it sounds. There is a movement to gently shift the awareness of older souls to the real truth – that which gives them personal responsibility for their own lives, and allows them to extend the truth to a greater audience ready for a more elevated message.  This is a spiritually enlightened and empowering message. As you know, nothing is as it appears. There is a desire and movement which has existed  over the centuries to repress the esoteric wisdom and control the thoughts of the population. It is our mission to change this but gradually over many centuries. You play a role as do other students of mine in opening of the deeper truths for those willing to listen.

Jane – Is it the responsibility of the seventh ray to create new rituals? I have read this in the book-The Gnosis and the Law?

Saint Germain – This is a very large area – we seek to lead souls to an understanding that they are able to go deeper in understanding the truth through self- made ritual.  It is not necessary to build large cathedrals and conduct elaborate services in order to have the experience of God. It is only required to go within and experience the God presence in one’s own Temple. This is the message. It is simple, is it not?

Jane – What about worshiping with a group such as in a church family?

 Saint Germain – This is acceptable of course when done with deep respect and love for the purpose of such a gathering – not to be in devotion only because one is afraid God will be dis-pleased you see.

Jane – Are you still interested in America?

( If you read some of the old books about Saint Germain you will see how involved he was in the founding of America and supporting those who were concerned with this new free country. There were power places in the United States that were discussed in some of the old Saint Germain books. I’m not writing about this today, however,  I will in the future ask him about these physical locations and whether they still exist).

Saint Germain- This is an aspect of my ray – that I take responsibility for the denser energies of the planet. My special interest has focused on the America and the survival and expansion of freedom for all. I act within the etheric field of the planet in ways I cannot reveal. Yes, there is activity from the Masters in the daily experience of souls who hold offices of power. We are involved to preserve personal freedom and the understanding of the higher light which resides around all physical places, person, and things.

Jane – Are you upset about the condition of the world---- in  particular the  United States?

Saint Germain – Yes, we are in connection often with souls on the surface of the planet and will shift energies of individual souls to reduce the distemper and negative dialogue residing at a low level of vibration. We are limited in that free will always overrides direct action from us. As all must be allowed to learn from their errors.

Jane – Is the Great White Brotherhood still a term that is used for the Ascended Masters?

Saint Germain – Yes, this is still the way we define our service.

Jane – Are you also involved on other worlds besides earth?

Saint Germain – Yes, of course. It is a universe of souls which expand beyond your understanding. We move between physical worlds in an instant.

Jane – What was your favorite lifetime? I know that you had many including Samuel the Prophet, Joseph the father of Jesus, Christopher Columbus and so forth?

He  responded that it was his experience as Jesus’s father. I went on to ask a personal question. My question concerns re-living a past life  in which I saw myself as a young playmate of Jesus. Saint Germain told me I had been a friend of Jesus. Later, I had a  past life regression and re-lived the experience under hypnosis. I still have difficulty believing the information, although a past life regression is a powerful emotional experience and I was deeply moved by it. I asked Saint Germain if he remembered me in that life.

Saint Germain – Yes, indeed I was very taken by you – as the little one who overcame the physical struggles chosen before birth into the body.

(According to the regression I was partially blind and could only see shapes but no details)

Jane – I mentioned to him that I was concerned that this person who played with Jesus was never recorded in the history books?

Saint Germain – It is only one of many pieces of information ignored and lost. Let us say, the experience of Jesus on earth ---the information  captured in texts such as the Bible is small.-- In fact it is a minute in comparison to the larger context of the experience. You might say that it is a single stone in the river filled with thousands of the same.

He then counseled me to stop disbelieving the information.

Saint Germain went on to comment about some of his other lives. He said,” I was a simple farmer also – not known in history.  I was a magician and what you might call a shaman. I lived lives of obscurity. It is only those recorded by history which are spoken of. Of all those incarnations my favorite was the father of Jesus, Joseph. This gave me the opportunity to change history – to nurture the Messiah and to carry him gently to his ultimate task in that life as the Savior. He is the symbol of the one God – the preacher – who carried the truth to those who would listen

The following information is controversial but I decided to share it.  History has speculated that Joseph died prior to the crucifixion as an old man.  I asked St. Germain if he was still alive during the crucifixion and this is his answer.

Saint Germain – Yes, and very little has been written about me. I was in the crowd when my son was crucified. During my life within the body of Joseph it was a lesson for me as I could not bring myself to move  closer to Jesus physically as Mary did. The pain was too great.

Jane – Did you know that you an Ascended Master at that time?

Saint Germain – I was like you and many others-- unaware of the higher energy of my soul. It was only understood following the death of Jesus on the cross. Then I was in full understanding of who we both were. Spirit was with me and when Jesus came back to the apostles in his light body I was present.


I love your questions and welcome them!  Love, Jane