Death-What can you Expect?


This dialogue is about dying and leaving the physical body behind.  Most people who cross over are totally ignorant about what to expect.  If we truly understand the process we can let go of our fear of death.  Here is my conversation with Saint Germain about this important topic. 

Saint Germain – The transition from body to spirit is rapid – one is instantly transported to a new and unfamiliar place. This rapid acceleration is like a roller coaster ride. One feels the energy – the stomach jumps – as if one has fallen from a high place.

Jane – This sounds a very uncomfortable?

Saint Germain – For some it is because they do not expect the experience.

Jane – Are you saying that we need to know that dying can be a very physical sensation?

Saint Germain – Yes, and that this experience is normal and safe.

Jane –  Folks who have had an out of body experience talk about the tunnel. When you mentioned the physical sensation of dying, is it because there is a tunnel that the soul enters?

Saint Germain – Yes, this is correct. The draw of energy pulls the soul. It is rapid and can be very difficult. The other end is quiet, and may be disorienting to some.

Jane – Are we met by guardian Angels or Guides?

Saint Germain – The experience ends in the arms of your soul's angels and guides. There is a feeling of tightness in the soul as he/she is held gently in the peace of great love.  There is a sense of relief to know that life continues.

I asked Saint Germain to explain to me what he meant by the word  tightness?

Saint Germain- There is a sense of immobility. One is rising into a new energy and the soul, recently passed, has left the dense body and has come quickly into a lighter vehicle. There is a strange sensation that is often described as constriction but this soon passes.

Jane – What about someone who has not lived a good life. Is their experience the same?

Saint Germain – It is the same, however, the soul is taken to a place of re– education – a place of deep love and study.

Jane – Once someone has crossed over and is being held by their angels and guides what happens next?

Saint Germain – You will rest. There is a time when the spirit recuperates and simply rests. During this time the energy of the soul is cleansed and purified.

Jane – Tell me about the lifestyle in heaven. How is it  structured?

Saint Germain – Just imagine dear one, a world more glorious than one can imagine with the power of vibration and thought as the impetus to move. So not by physical effort, but by spiritual thought, does the world here function.  What one desires will be manifested. All aspects of your current experience may be repeated here

Jane – I have to ask ---will I be able to paint in heaven?

Saint Germain – Yes, and you shall continue your work here both artistic and spiritual. All souls engage in activities of purpose based on interest and desire.

Jane – Do we eat in heaven?

Saint Germain – Only those with deep attachment to the physical experience create food.

We laughed together for a few moments because St. Germain knows that I dislike having to sleep and eat.   I said ---do you suppose I will want to eat a meal in heaven? He responded no, you will gladly give up your need for nourishment and sleep. Will you not? And of course I answered gladly that I would give it up!!

Jane – When one dies is there a sense of place? In other words, can we see a sun, moon, or other planets in the sky?

Saint Germain – No, not in the same sense as one experiences visual experiences on the physical surface. Here there is a higher vibration and it is filled with possibilities. This is like a wave that moves constantly. So, there is a shifting of the seen elements. As one moves in their existence here everything above, beside, and underneath reflect that which you desire to experience. For you, a sky, may be of great importance you see.

Jane – Does this feel like a dream? A dream often slips away as you are waking up. Or, do you hold onto the visual scene or an image for a very long time? 

Saint Germain – The experience here is more solid than your nighttime excursions. There are others here in spirit who support the environment in the higher vibrations. In your dreams it is only you who participate. So in a sense, it is many thoughts interacting here that paint the canvas.

Jane – Does someone who has passed over see their body as it was in the physical world?

Saint  Germain – They see themselves exactly the same but bathed in light. Once one has rested, the physical body, which may have been diseased or frail,  drops away and the soul creates a new body. The new body is one that mimics a time when health and good memories existed.

Jane – Does the soul see their Council of Elders?

Jane's comments---   If you are unfamiliar with the Council see my previous blog post)

Saint Germain – Yes, this follows the time of rest and the re – conditioning of the energy field. The elders sit with the soul during the life review. This is very important. One’s activities in the physical are recorded here as you know. Revealing each event in the life is traumatic for many.  Those who are unprepared do not anticipate the emotion generated by their actions and behavior towards others. Some do not handle this experience well. For some there is great work ahead for the soul.

Jane – So it is important that every thought, action, and deed be registered?

Saint Germain – Yes this is so.

Saint Germain  continued to say that following the life review there is a period of solitude. He said, there are quiet places here and always help for those to review the soul’s history and to change their thoughts. It is required that we forgive ourselves and vow obedience to the universal truth. I asked him to define the meaning of universal truth to be sure I had this correct and he turned it around and asked me to give him my definition. I responded that we are all one in God and therefore all connected, we are here to be loved and to love others, we are spirits, we are here to learn lessons and the biggest of these is to forgive others for their transgressions against us, and finally to fulfill our soul's purpose.

Saint Germain was pleased with my answer and he said that I needed to add the following – we are never alone and all is in perfect order.

Jane – What if someone is evil? Can they choose to re-live their dysfunctional activities in the spiritual world?

Saint Germain – Yes, this is possible on the lowest levels of the spiritual dimension however, they, like everyone else, will be held in a place of quiet and solitude before choosing a lower plain.

Jane – Is this what we call the astral plain?

Saint Germain – Yes, or simply an  inter-dimensional world.

Jane – How knowledgeable about life back on earth are family members who have crossed over?  I am thinking of my father – does he know that I am doing this work? Does he know that his grandson is going to college? How many mundane physical things are our loved ones aware of?

Saint  Germain – There is as much knowledge as one desires. This is the soul’s decision. Your dear father John is very interested in his loved ones and has decided to follow you and the others. He looks into your dense vibratory level frequently.

Jane-how is this done? Do they see details or do they see things through a filter?

Saint  Germain – This is very complicated, and I will only say that for each soul the experience is different. Some have clarity of vision across the veil, and others, should not be seeking the experience of looking backward, and often will pursue this activity prematurely. Your father can see major events. There is still an invisible shield that restrains full vision. 

 Saint Germain went on to explain to me that souls who have crossed over need to focus on themselves. He said each soul is unique and some want to see what their loved ones are doing and others have no interest in such an activity.

Jane – Do our loved ones feel frustration when they see negative events happening to family members here and  they are unable to intercede?  

Saint  Germain – No, this drama has ended for the soul who perceives those still in the body. One is given the wisdom to view events from a higher level of consciousness. They have no emotional trauma or discomfort as they see the larger picture of the soul’s purpose.

Jane – I asked about the music in heaven. There are stories from people that have had out of body experiences and they comment on the unique and incredibly beautiful music that they hear?

Saint Germain – There are divine sounds here. You may define this as music, but it is much more. The sounds and the light are for a purpose-- the energy of healing permeates all layers of the cake you see. The vibration of sound and light are used to provide the utmost growth for those who have come here.

My final question to Saint Germain was – do we choose the way we die?

Saint Germain – Not always. There are requests to come here through an easy transition, but because of free will and the activity of others, the passage can be a surprise. We have spoken about plane crashes and disasters and these often require that many souls across into this plain because of the actions of another, rather than their own timing and plan. Great care is taken to assist the ones who are shocked by such an experience.

We ended with a prayer :

We bow our heads and bless the one who departs knowing that he/she undertakes the divine journey to the world of light and love filled with miracles, and surrounded by souls who have deep connections to this soul. 

 Bless those who are left behind and feel the emptiness of their loved one's departure.  It is but a moment before both are reunited in love within the grace of God.

I hope this was helpful to you.   I encourage my readers to send me your questions.  Make sure they are suitable for a larger audience and not personal.    Blessings to you all,   Jane