Food and Spirit

Some of you may be thinking-- What part could food possibly play in our spiritual path?  You may be surprised. It actually plays an important role. This information may prompt you to re-consider your current diet.

 About 10 years ago on Thanksgiving Day I shocked my family by declaring that I wouldn’t eat any turkey. This decision was spontaneous and happened prior to my relationship with Saint Germain.

I have not eaten any chicken, beef, pork, ham, or any other meat product since that Thanksgiving.

Saint Germain says, “The raising of animals to kill for food is wrong from the beginning to the end.”

I was having a conversation with Saint Germain recently and I asked him if he had anything to do with my decision to give up meat. He laughed and said, “of course, it was necessary as your clear channel required all energies associated with the senses on the lower level be released.” 

Those of you who have read my first book Messages from the Ascended Master Saint Germain, A Workbook of Spiritual Steps to Grow Your Soul may remember the section on food. For those of you not familiar with this information, I will share a few parts of this chapter.

Saint Germain tells us we have to maintain a healthy body in order for our soul to do its work and fulfill its mission on earth. We are at a disadvantage now in 2016 because the soil does not contain all the essential minerals and nutrients that it used to have. He goes on to say, “the body was not intended as a vessel for animal meats. The body is a vessel for anything planted in the earth. “

He counsels us to keep food simple – vegetables, fruit, and no fish. I was surprised about this information regarding fish. He said there are very few places on earth where fish is safe to eat because of the pollution of the waters.

It was surprised when I began to read some of the old Saint Germain books that were published in the 1930's to find out I was not the first person to be counseled against eating meat. I will share some of this old information with you.

 Saint Germain says animals were not in existence upon our planet during the first two golden ages of our planet. He refers to the golden ages as the First Creation described in Genesis. After the fall of man the intellect became focused on the appetites of the body through feelings. This is when the mind became more involved and interested in the world of things and forgot about its source/God.  He said that ever since that time more and more discord has crept into humanity.

I quote from the book The Magic Presence,” "there is a definite reason why we never eat meat, and why human beings should not eat it either. This is because the atoms of which it is composed are the condensation into the substance of this world of mankind’s own vicious thoughts and feelings of the past”

He went on to say that during first creation, when he indicates there was a golden age animals were not in existence, animals only emerged after the fall of man. At this point he said mankind was becoming focused on the appetites of the body, through the feelings.  Life became all about things.

He said that the love that we have for domestic animals is purifying and has  erased some of the past problems that were created in the early creation of this world and as a result is making the earth a more harmonious place to live. He says as we become more harmonious and pure all animals will disappear from the earth

He continues to say the great harm of eating meat is the flesh of the animal records the feeling of fear it experiences when killed. He tells us an animal has an emotional body, and the vibration of fear is recorded in the animals flesh, and that quality is absorbed by the emotional body of a human being who eats it. He also says that there is a substance in the animal that condenses in the brain affecting the intellect and preventing a good connection with God.

I asked him if the need for protein for strength is a good reason to eat animals. In fact I am often asked by people – don’t you get enough protein?

Saint Germain says that telling people that is necessary to eat meat in order to be strong is vicious and entirely untrue. He says the elephant, one of the strongest creatures on earth, is a non-– meat- eating animal.

He says that the idea of using vaccines made from animals thinking they can protect against disease in a child’s or adult body is a consciously directed activity of the sinister force in the world. He said health breakdowns affect humanity over time.

He continues to say there will come a day when we look back at our habits of eating meat in the same way we look at cannibalism.

He also cautions against narcotics, alcohol, tobacco, excess sugar, salt and strong coffee.

He feels that strong coffee has an effect on the brain and the emotions. He says, “In the daily experience of your world it is traumatic enough without the agitation that a strong cup of coffee brings to the mind and emotions.”

I gave up caffeinated coffee many years ago because of the special nature of my work as a trance medium.   Sometimes I do miss the caffeine!

He does not like sugar and feels it has a terrible effect on children. He says not only can  children not concentrate under it's influence, but it is difficult for their spiritual guides to help them when they are under the influence of sugar and  the emotional excesses it causes.  I think this is well-know piece of information among educators.

He said strong alcohol will block the connections of our light to God but wine is acceptable.

He does not like salt and said we should realize how much we have been covering up the  natural flavors of the food we have been eating!

 I want you to know it is very easy over time to adjust to a vegetarian diet and eliminate meat. I am not even tempted to taste a bite because I feel so much better without it. There are tremendous health benefits, and I have to agree with Saint Germain that when we eat a sentient being we are bringing into our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies the animals fears and emotions.  I am sure I was pushed toward the vegetarian lifestyle by spirit in preparation for my work. I do eat eggs and cheese but rarely real milk or real butter. There are many substitutions that are very good.

In closing,  I believe if you are working to develop your spiritual gifts and feel frustrated that these abilities are slow to come forward, begin to think about decreasing your animal consumption.   There is a sense of clarity and a feeling of lightness in adopting a plant-based diet.  Our physical, spiritual  and emotional health is influenced by what we eat and what we think. 

Furthermore—a plant-based diet is good for the planet not to mention the decrease in animal cruelty which is another future subject. 

Good reading on this subject is The China Study, written by Colin Campbell and anything published by the Committee For Responsible Medicine founded by Dr Neal Barnard.

Send me your questions.  f you have a topic for Saint Germain let me know and you may see it as a future post.    Love, Jane