Soul Birth and Twin Souls



This conversation concerning the soul happened accidentally one day when I was speaking to Saint Germain during one of my personal channeling sessions and he brought it up. He commented, "Master Jesus is my twin soul." He said they were united in love and in the work of assisting humanity.  Since I have never inquired about the subject of twin souls,  I grabbed the opportunity to ask questions about this topic.   I thought I would share this conversation with you. Both Saint Germain and Jesus were part of this conversation.   In this first comment spoken by Jesus he refers to the birth of the individual soul. 

Jesus – It is a miracle of life that consciousness is spun outward from the energy of “all there is.” God can create a part of itself and therefore experience love in many ways.

Jane – I commented -- not all is love. There is great pain in the world?

Jesus – Heartache, lack of love, evil, and struggles within the physical experience are necessary in order that one return to the essence of love. As you may imagine, a child is born and then must master many tasks as they grow.  It is also true when the soul separates from God to move on amongst form (physical bodies). When the soul has a realization of their connection to source (God), they are ready to ascend – to return, you might say, to the ultimate love and energy of existence which is within the Holy Father. There are an infinite number of souls created. Some remain in spirit, and others go on to experience life in many bodies. Not all choose the earth experience.

Jane – Are you saying some souls are allowed to remain in spirit rather than take on physical bodies?

Jesus – Yes, it is their choice. The physical experience can be delayed following the birth of consciousness. Some are ready to be incarnated, and others remain here for a longer period of time.

Jane – I returned to the subject of twin souls and asked-- how common is the formation of twin souls and how often are they created?

Saint Germain – It is very rare. The energy of the flame which emanates from God splits and two souls emerge. The two life streams are corresponding; beginning the spiritual path together and often share similar interests ---therefore, their paths are considered parallel. We do not know the number created but a small portion of all souls arise out of the same flame.

Jane – I asked him if the flame was like a fire?

Saint Germain – No, the flame is only energy. It revolves around a central axis rotating in a circular motion.   Many in the spirit world work here using love to guide souls out of the energy and along to their spiritual journeys. All begin as pure consciousness – innocent and ready to be tested in ways of their own choosing.

 I bring your attention to the last sentence-- we are the ones who select our tests with the assistance of our Council of Elders. We are never forced.

Saint Germain continued to say when a flame splits it is an accident.

In other words, it was not planned.  My impression is that it is a beautiful experience that happens rarely and is allowed to simply occur.

Saint Germain- There is a deep knowing when one encounters their twin soul. “Twin souls come out of an individualized God flame. There is a power that creates souls. It is never determined ahead of time to create twin souls, but when the flame splits in the formation of the soul and becomes two, they are now sharing soul mass. The substance, or you might say the origination of the creation of the soul is shared. And so, each resonates at the same level of understanding having lived parallel lives

Jane – If I meet my twin soul in the flesh how would I feel?

Saint Germain – You will feel reconnected to a part of yourself my dear – as if the "you" of your current experience has expanded outwardly to envelop the other. It is a deep love and familiarly like no other. In a previous life experience you knew your twin soul and have experienced a friendship that was far deeper than any other. There is such a sense of knowing the other person that your speech can actually be finished by the other one.

I asked Saint Germain if most twin souls know each other he said yes, but as twin souls there is still the desire to experience many situations. So the experiences of your twin soul are actually yours and  the same is true that your personal experiences also are felt by the other.

Jane – Do twin souls share the same guides?

Saint Germain – No, your guides are unique and not shared.

Jane – Do we choose different lifetimes and would we expect some similarity in the life experiences of each?

Saint Germain – Both choose similar roots you might say, but it is your individual choices that create the small nuances in the journey.

Jane – Does each soul, given that they split the flame, exist with the full power of the spiritual energy?

Saint Germain – Yes, each has an equal amount of energy.

He went on to explain to me that I have a twin soul and that we have had some previous lifetimes together as Benedictine monks.  

I hope you have found this interesting piece. Perhaps some of you have a twin soul. It is a very special relationship. Saint  Germain did say to me that we don’t always come into the physical body at the same time. We may have to wait until we return to spirit in order to reunite with them.

Send me your question and comments. I read them all.