Saint Germain Speaks About the Other Side


 The Other Side

I am always exploring the topic of what awaits us on the other side.  I’ve written about it many times but I get very specific in this series of questions. I think you will find it fascinating.

Jane – Why is life so short? Sometimes we get to the age of 60 or 70 and we’re just getting proficient at our life’s work.  Life is too short when you consider we are educated for many years, we struggle to learn our soul’s purpose, and finally we discover it in the last third of our life.

Saint Germain – He laughed and said, yes, I see your dilemma dear one – know, this is the plan. All your knowledge and wisdom accumulates. It does not leave you or fly away. The soul contains the skills acquired in every life. So, when you arrive here, there is a sense of knowing the "whole," and for some individuals it is more than they can handle. There are those here in the higher vibrations who assist you in seeing all levels of skill and determining their best use over here.  Do not despair in the belief you lose everything, for instead, you gain it all.

Jane – Do we breathe?   Many of the Eastern Guru say it is very freeing not to have to breathe. They often speak of the absence of the breath.

Saint Germain – There is no need for the breath. Its absence is hardly noticed you see. Do you focus your attention on your breath now?

Jane – Yes, when I am meditating, running, or anxious.

Saint Germain – It is of no importance.  When you experience it's absence you will fully understand this. The great Eastern Masters are preparing you to see the absence of the breath as a good aspect of life.

Jane – Do we communicate by telepathy or words?

Saint Germain – There is no common language-- communication is by thought, or if desired the spoken word. Those who recently left a location speaking a particular tongue may continue to communicate with those who carry the memory of the language, however, most souls communicate by the transfer of thought.

Jane – Isn’t it true that you need to have breath in order to speak?

Saint Germain – No, it can be done without and very nicely. One must be here in spirit to remember this. All skills of maneuvering and managing in this environment will come back instantly.

Jane – Are there rules in heaven?

Saint Germain – Yes, there are unspoken rules at each level. Guides work with each soul to assist them in acclimating to the new environment. Just as you my dear, must adjust to a new place following a change of residence, the same is true here. All is carefully planned and those needing assistance are given personal attention and love.

Jane – Is sleeping a choice just like eating?

Saint Germain– Sleeping is not a choice upon arrival. Each soul rests in a place similar to your hotels. Some rest for many years of your earth time – others have short naps because they know the terrain here. Each soul is unique and is treated as an individual.  We consider the circumstances of the death in serving each soul.

Jane – Do we stay with our soul group or roam around?

(Each of us has a soul group on the other side. These souls are in a classroom with us and at the same level of learning.)

Saint Germain – You spend the first moments with your Council of Elders. This is followed by re – unification to the soul group. There is a period of study and discussion. After the reunion  your memory and sense of belonging will be revealed to you and then you are encouraged to explore. There are many worlds here.

Jane – Will I be able to visit Ireland or other unknown places when I choose to explore?

Saint Germain – Oh yes, I expected the question. You may revisit any place you have been before. It is all within the soul’s memory. Worlds you have seen before will appear new to you again.

To clarify----   we need to have experienced a place  here before we can return to it while residing in the spiritual realm.

Jane – How would I see Ireland? Do I visit the physical experience as it is occurring  currently on earth, or do I tap into the memories of my previous time there?

(I’m asking this particular question because I love Ireland and know that I have lived many lives there. In this life I’m a citizen of both countries.)

Saint Germain – This is a difficult concept to impart to you as you currently exist within a physical experience---but, both present and past bump into each other. You will see the past experience and current activities on a stage of life all happening together.  You will feel both your past and the present colliding.

Jane – What about a place I have never experienced in a previous life?

Saint Germain – It will not exist here for you.

Jane – So, if I lived in Japan in the time period of 10 A.D I will perceive both that time and the current year in physical time?   Is this correct?

Saint Germain – You will see both-- 10 A.D -and the current energy of the present. It is a merge of both and you will be satisfied in this energy. All time lines intersect – crossing over into the present. You cannot handle this now as you exist in your physical experience; however, within your spiritual body all is possible. Just as all lives cross over and create the tapestry of your experience, the same is true in traveling here to places you desire to see again and experience.

Jane – Are there church services in heaven?

St. Germain – Yes, they are available in all denominations. Your mother never misses mass.

Jane – Can I paint in heaven? Can I start a painting and then go back and finish it? Can I keep that painting when it’s finished?

Saint Germain – He laughed and said you will be allowed to express this aspect of yourself now and all the others as well. For you are more than you can perceive at this moment. All threads of past experience are offered to you in awareness of understanding the entirety of your own soul. You choose the ones to be experienced here and all is provided instantly by your thoughts. This is a reminder of how important your thoughts are. Here, all becomes your castle as you manifest what you desire. You will simply manifest an art studio or other interests from your past instantly. It may seem impossible to you now but your memory of this comes rapidly back to you.

Jane – It must be hard to leave this place--- what appears to be our real home?

Saint Germain – Yes, it is often difficult for us and the elders to push a soul back into a physical experience. You understand this do you not?

Jane –  I’ll take your word for it.

Saint Germain – Do we always recognize our loved ones—even those who lived lives prior to the one from which we are emerging into spirit?

Saint Germain – Yes, all families are reunited and past generations as well. All former lives come together. It is easy to reconnect with your elders and families and often all souls gather together in spirit for a celebration.

Jane – How is my mother?--(note---she never understood what I do as a spiritual medium). 

Your mother has sat with me. I greeted her and explained my relationship to you. She was quite intrigued and asked many questions. This was part of her education to understand there are overlaps between the energy of spirit and the denseness of earth, and old souls like yourself cross this barrier between spirit and earth in order to gain knowledge and share it with others. She is very interested in studying. She will move rapidly to a new level during the time absent from the demands of the physical world.

Jane-- I enjoyed this last comment because I tried to explain my work to my mother. She was a strict Catholic, and although many of the teachings of this church surround  mystical experiences-- particularly surrounding the lives of well-known Saints, she couldn't understand the work I was doing.

Next month I will be writing about my experience in Ireland. I will be visiting  Mary Madigan, the stone reader once again.   I'll try to learn more about her process of reading the stones.  Her gift was handed down through her family just as mine was. We had so much in common and I could have spent many more hours with her.   Stand by---  Love to you all!   Jane