Soul Exchange-Walk-Ins

I have  always been curious about the topic of “walk- in’s” or soul transference.  For those who are not familiar with the term,  a “walk in” is a soul that enters the human body before physical death and displaces the soul already inhabiting the same body. It is simply a soul exchange that happens while a person is still living.

 Many new age and metaphysical websites talk about this as something that is fairly common. Many who believe they have experienced radical personality changes often wonder if this means that they are a walk-in?  Saint Germain’s comments are quite different from what you’ll read on other websites.  I asked the Master to speak on this subject.

St. Germain –This is a complex subject. There are very few situations when such an occurrence is allowed to happen.  In most cases the soul stays with the physical body throughout the lifetime of the individual.  If one desires to leave, and another is capable of stepping in to complete an important task on the schedule of life events associated with the person who vacates the body, it may be allowed.

Jane – What are the special circumstances?

St. Germain – The Council of Elders representing both souls are the ones who allow this shift in consciousness – one for another to occur. It is only permitted when a major life event lies ahead and will affect many souls.  If this major event is likely to be missed, another soul is permitted to step in to finish the work. Each must agree.  Entry into a foreign body requires great adjustment on the part of the incoming soul. 

Jane – I have read that Abraham Lincoln was a "walk-in." Is this true?

St. Germain – Yes this is correct.

Jane – When did the exchange take place?

St. Germain – The exchange was accomplished just following the battle of Gettysburg.

Jane – Why?

St. Germain – Abraham Lincoln was melancholy and those close to him would say severely depressed. There was a possibility that the great event--- that being the culmination and completion of a reunification of states—would not occur. The walk in was a soul who had experience in leading and restoring peace, and it was he who volunteered to step in at the appropriate time.

Jane – Can soul exchange  happen when one person is sleeping or when we are physically at the moment of death?

St. Germain – It may occur at the moment of death – when one is likely to die, but instead miraculously survives. Angelic support is needed to protect the body while the exchange takes place. In other instances, the body simply releases the consciousness of one, and accepts the new. This is facilitated by guides and angels. All must be for the highest good of both souls who have agreed to the exchange.  As I say, this is only accomplished and permitted in very special circumstances and only to benefit humanity.

Jane – Are there any other situations in history where this has occurred?

St. Germain- It is a rare and serious responsibility. Most individuals are unaware of the change because the characteristics of the entering soul quickly acclimate to the body and mind of the previous inhabitant. The memories are left. The memories associated with this body are joining to the new consciousness. Only close family members are aware of the change in personality that occurs at the very beginning.

Jane – Who are 'walk-ins' alive today?

St. Germain – There are very few on your planet today. Most are in China and India.

A prayer for those of you facing change

Holy Father-- surround me with quiet reflection and great patience knowing that all events on earth and heaven flow into a river of opportunity – winding and bubbling around curves and over inclines and declines. All flows towards and ends in the ocean of God's love. I will arrive safely supported by the holiness of the Father.  Amen