Universe, Extraterrestrials and Star Beings


September 6, 2015


There was a great deal of media attention last month when we were able for the first time to see the details on the surface of Pluto. Looking at the images raised my own questions about the universe. I have been pondering these ideas since I was a little girl. I took my questions to my Master teacher Saint Germain.

Jane- Please tell me if the universe is infinite? How many planets exist with living  beings? I have always wondered as I looked up into the sky.

 St. Germain – The universe is endless. It cannot be comprehended by the mind. Everything in the universe is guided by the universal energy of God. One cannot measure such a force. The universe, just as you, is infinite and never dies but only expands. The universe expands very rapidly and will never stop. This is divine and to comprehend such a mystery is beyond souls inhabiting a human body. If one ascends they will touch the mystery more directly.

Note – When St. Germain speaks of ascension he is talking about release from another life-time in a  physical body. This only happens after we have lived thousands of lifetimes and learned every single lesson we came to master.

Jane – I have heard that there are beings called the Blue Avians. Is it true that such a species exists?

Note--   This species was mentioned in interviews done by David Wilcox on Gaiam TV.  You can find it in his series called Cosmic Disclosure.    I found the information credible and wondered if Saint Germain would comment.

St. Germain – Yes of course.  There are many species in this infinite universe including human beings. The Blue Avians are a peaceful society with a global – universal interest in other worlds. They have is a selected special souls to work with them. These souls are star beings and are interested in topics beyond the normal understanding and limitations of your world.

Note- Star beings or  star seeds are individuals who souls originated on another planetary system, and who have lived and experienced other alien cultures before being born on to the planet earth.  They are always spiritual seekers and interested in topics like the one in this post.  They never feel quite right in a human body having experienced other less dense bodies during previous life times. They are here to help others, but unfortunately, they do not always realize that they have a higher purpose. Instead, they don’t feel as if they fit in but can’t discern the reason for such a feeling.

Jane – Where are planets with living beings in relationship to earth?

 St. Germain – Very distant based on your understanding of the universe, and that of earth-based scientists and astronomers. By universal standards they are very primitive. One day they will perfect a manner of collapsing space in order to travel between worlds. This is at least two centuries ahead

Jane – were human beings created by star beings? I mentioned the name Annanaki which I had heard in reference to the seeding of our planet?

St. Germain – yes, this is a fact and known by many already. Planet earth was visited by more than one species traveling from other worlds. It was a group of beings from other world that came together to create the first human.

Jane – What about this term-Annanaki? Is this the name of the species that was part of the birth of the human species?

 St. Germain – Yes this is correct however, they were not called by this name, but instead—“the travelers.” The humans who interacted with them in the early years of your planet’s history gave them this name- Annanaki.

Jane – I’m asking this question St. Germain for one of my readers.  Are new energies impacting the planet earth?

St. Germain – There are always new energies affecting your world. This is in constant motion and as it continues there are those who extend the breadth of their knowledge concerning both humans and extraterrestrials. So there is nothing new, simply a continuation. One that ultimately brings forth a new race – one that has universal mind and love for all. This process takes time in reference to your system of thinking.